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 Risāla fī l-qaḍā’ wa-l-ḥisba

(784 words)

Author(s): de la Puente, Cristina
Epistle on the office of judge and market inspector Ibn ʿAbdūn al-Ishbīlī Date: Possibly before 1125 Original Language: Arabic Description The Risāla fī l-qaḍā’ wa-l-ḥisba belongs to the genre of works on ḥisba, which were practical books written to serve as guides for market inspectors, who were officers in charge of regulating commercial transactions and the conduct of merchants and shop-keepers and were also responsible for the proper use of public baths, cemeteries and mosques. It was probably written before 1126, when muc…

Ibn al-Faraḍī

(316 words)

Author(s): de la Puente, Cristina
Abū l-Walīd ʿAbd Allāh ibn Muḥammad ibn Yūsuf ibn Naṣr ibn al-Faraḍī l-Azdī l-Qurṭubī Date of Birth: December 962 Place of Birth: Cordova Date of Death: 20 April 1013 Place of Death: Cordova Biography Born in Cordova in the mid-9th century, Ibn al-Faraḍī studied religious sciences in his home town and also in Toledo, Écija and Sidonia. In 992-93 he travelled to the East, and studied further in Qayrawān, Cairo, Mecca and Medina. After his return to al-Andalus he was made a judge in Valencia. He was known as a jurist, historian and muḥaddith. Among his pupils were three leading scholars, …


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Author(s): de la Puente, Cristina
Al-Balafīqī is the patronymic of an Andalusian family of ʿulamāʾ (scholars), from the village of Balafīq (modern-day Velefique, in Almería, Spain), situated to the south of the Sierra de Filabres. The Banū l-Ḥājj al-Balafīqī al-Sulamī are particularly known for their mystical inclinations, as among them there are many well-known Ṣūfīs. They were Arabs, descendents of the first/seventh-century poet al-ʿAbbās b. Mirdās (d. between 18/639 and 35/656), belonging to the clan of Sulaym. The first member of the…
Date: 2019-11-11

 Ta’rīkh ʿulamāʼ al-Andalus

(438 words)

Author(s): de la Puente, Cristina
History of the scholars of al-Andalus Ibn al-Faraḍī Date: Unknown; before April 1013 Original Language: Arabic Description The Taʼrīkh ʿulamāʼ al-Andalus is a biographical dictionary and the best known of Ibn al-Faraḍī’s works. The author describes it as ‘a compilation of the ʿulamāʼ, the muḥaddithūn and the most rigorous scholars of al-Andalus, summarized and arranged in alphabetic order’. It includes biographies of scholars from the time of the Arab conquest of al-Andalus in the 8th century to the end of the 10th century, although most come from the 9th and 10th centuries. Ibn al-Far…

Ibn ʿAbdūn al-Ishbīlī

(182 words)

Author(s): de la Puente, Cristina
Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn ʿAbdūn al-Tujībī al-Ishbīlī al-Nakhāʿī Date of Birth: Mid-11th century Place of Birth: Possibly Seville Date of Death: Early 12th century Place of Death: Possibly Seville Biography The only information we have about Ibn ʿAbdun appears in his Risāla fī l-qaḍāʾ wa-l-ḥisba (‘Epistle on the office of judge and the market inspector’). He lived in Seville during the reign of the taifa King al-Muʿtamid (r. 1068-91), and later under the Almoravids. The main subject of his treatise suggests that he himself was a market inspector ( ṣāḥib al-sūq or muḥtasib), though he does…