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 Chronikē diēgēsis

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Author(s): Zorzi, Niccolò
Historia'History' Nicetas Choniates Date: Between about 1185 and 1208/9 Original Language: Greek Description The History of Nicetas Choniates is the main narrative source for the history of Byzantium in the years 1118-1207, a period that saw frequent conflicts between Byzantium and various Muslim powers: the Byzantine Empire had to counter the Turkish expansion in Asia Minor, and military expeditions also reached Syria (1137-38, 1144 or 1145, 1159) and Egypt (1169). The History thus offers ample evidence of political and military confrontation between Christian and…


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Author(s): Zorzi, Niccolò
Unknown author Date of Birth: - Place of Birth: - Date of Death: - Place of Death: - Biography - Primary Sources of Information - Secondary Sources of Information - Works on Christian-Muslim Relations Tomos Niccolò Zorzi

Nicetas Choniates

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Author(s): Zorzi, Niccolò
Nikētas Chōniatēs Date of Birth: About 1155 Place of Birth: Chōnai, near ancient Colossae, today Honaz Date of Death: 1217 Place of Death: Nicea Biography Nicetas was born in Chōnai, in Phrygia (hence his name Chōniates, sometimes incorrectly given as Akominatos or Acominatus), in about 1155. When he was nine he moved to Constantinople, where his brother Michael (c. 1138-1222), who in 1182 would become metropolitan of Athens, was already resident. Nothing is known of his teachers. He entered the imperial bureaucracy, pr…


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Author(s): Zorzi, Niccolò
Tomos Tomos Date: April 1180 Original Language: Greek Description The Tomos (a decree of a religious character made with the participation and confirmation of the imperial power) is no more than one and a half pages long (61 lines) in Darrouzès’ edition. It was the result of a religious controversy in which the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus (1143-80) opposed the clergy led by the patriarch of Constantinople, Theodosius Boradiotes, in April 1180. In order to become Christians, Muslims had to abjure their faith, pronouncing 22 anathemata (see the entry on 'Ritual of abjuration' in CMR…

 Panoplia dogmatikē

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Author(s): Zorzi, Niccolò
Thesaurus orthodoxiae‘The armour of doctrine’ Nicetas Choniates Date: About 1206 Original Language: Greek Description This work comprises 27 books (i.e. ample chapters) on Christian heresies, starting with paganism and up to the author's time. Two books deal with Islam: Book XX is a compilation based mostly on earlier sources, and Book XXVI is an original composition. In the pinax of the Panoplia, the title of Book XX is: ‘On the Agarenes’ religion and on the ordo ( taxis) for those who convert from Islam to our pure and immaculate faith’ (van Dieten, Zur Überlieferung und Veröffentlic…


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Author(s): Zorzi, Niccolò
'Orations' Nicetas Choniates Date: Approximately 1185-1211 Original Language: Greek Description In various orations, delivered in different periods of Nicetas' career, mention is made of the Turks, mostly as enemies defeated by the emperors, both before and after the conquest of Constantinople in 1204 by the crusaders (see Orations 7, 9, 10, 14, 16). Oration 16, whose title reads To the Emperor Theodorus Lascaris, when he killed the sultan of Iconium, which was delivered on the occasion of an important victory of the emperor residing in Nicea over Sultan Kai-Khus…