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Chinese Communist Party

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Author(s): Kampen, Thomas
1. History The Chinese Communist Party (CCP, Zhongguo gongchandang) was founded in 1921 and has been the ruling party of China since October 1, 1949. Accordingly the party's history is usually divided into two periods. A sudden revolution, like that of Russia or France, did not take place in China in October 1949. The Communist conquest dragged on for more than five years (1945-1950) after the end of World War II and in some regions, such as Tibet , it took place even later. Hong Kong and Macau only returned to Chinese control in 1997 and 1999 respectively. According to the CCP Resolution on Par…

Long March

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Author(s): Kampen, Thomas
Superior in numbers and weaponry, the Guomindang (GMD) troops and their warlord allies managed to conquer the Communist bases in central and southern China (CCP-controlled areas) during 1934/35. The retreat of the Red Army developed into "long marches" ( changzheng), which had originally neither been planned nor called as such. All in all, there were mainly four armies involved which successively set out from their respective base areas: First Army (October 1934, Central Soviet area Jiangxi); 25th Army (November 1934, southern Henan)…