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Kleitonymos (12B)

(2,980 words)

Author(s): Cuypers, Martine
This entry was prepared by Martine Cuypers and published on 1 April 2010. About this Historian Historian: Kleitonymos Jacoby number: 12B Attested works: On Tragedy: F1, Historian's date: uncertain Historical focus: Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 12b F 1 Source: Ps. Plutarch, On Rivers 3.4 Work mentioned: On Tragedy Source date: 2nd century AD 3rd century AD 4th century AD Source language: Greek Fragment subject: mythology, greek - Library of Congress etiology - Library of Congress Miracles - Library of Congress music, greek and roman - Library of Congress religion Textual base: Jacoby Ps…

Duris of Samos (76)

(44,451 words)

Author(s): Pownall, Frances
This entry was prepared by Frances Pownall and published on 1 October 2009. About this Historian Historian: Duris of Samos Jacoby number: 76 Attested works: On Macedonia: T2, T5, T7, T9 - T12e, F1 - F15, F35 - F55, F86, F94, Samian Annals: T3, T6, T8, F21 - F26, F60 - F71, F96 uncertain: T1, T4, F72 - F81, F83 - F87, On the Art of Engraving: T12d, F32, Histories of Agathokles: F16, F20, F56a - F59, On Customs: F27, On Tragedy: F28, On Euripides and Sophokles: F29, Homeric Problems: F30, F89 - F92, On Painting: F31, On Contests: F33, F34, F82, F93, F95 Historian's date: 4th century BC 3rd century BC Histor…