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Author(s): Scheer, Tanja (Rome) | Stanzel, Karl-Heinz (Tübingen) | Neudecker, Richard (Rome)
(Εὔανδρος; Eúandros). [German version] [1] Mythical founder of the first settlement on the Palatine Arcadian-Roman hero, according to Paus. 8,43,1ff. the son of Hermes and an Arcadian nymph (Themis, Nicostrate: Plut. Quaest. Rom. 278B-C), or alternatively the prophesying  Carmentis from Pallantium. In Hes. fr. 168MW, he is a son of Echemus of Tegea and Tyndareos' daughter Timandra, Hellenism makes him the son of the Italian Sibyl. Banished because of his involvement in a popular uprising or the murder of one …


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Author(s): Huß, Werner (Bamberg) | Scheer, Tanja (Rome)
(Ἄτλας; Átlas). [German version] [1] Name of the north-west African Tertiary folded mountain range Name of the north-west African Tertiary folded mountain range. From the two Mediterranean coastal mountain ranges of the Rif A. and the Tell A. the Middle A. branches off in Morocco; the High A. rises in the south, which on the east borders the Sahara A. The Anti A., which extends south of the High A., do not belong to the Tertiary mountain range of the A.; Rif A., Middle A. and High A. enclose the Moroccan mese…


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Author(s): Scheer, Tanja (Rome)
[German version] (Ἄδμητος; Ádmētos). King in Thessalian Pherae, son of Phere and (Peri-) Clymene. Participant in the Argonaut expedition ( Argonauts; Apoll. Rhod. 1,49; Hyginus, fab. 14), in the Calydonian boar hunt ( Meleager; Hyg. Fab. 173) and in the games to commemorate the dead for Pelias. Apollo served him -- as shepherd (Apollod. 3,122; Hyg. Fab. 49-50) for one year (nine years according to Serv. Aen. 7,761) -- because of the Cyclops crime or out of love (Call. H. Apoll. 47 ff.; Lucian. sacr…
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