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Author(s): Schuman, L.O.
, name of the principal coast-town between Ḏj̲udda and Bāb al-Mandab, in Tihāmat al-Yaman (14° 48′ N., 42° 57′ E.). It is the most important strategic and commercial seaport in the Yaman, and also the capital of its province ( liwāʾ ) of the same name. It is situated on the low sandy coast 10 km. south-east of the base of the peninsula stretching northward to Raʾs al-Katīb. Perhaps this place may be identified with the Marsā al-ḥadīt̲h̲ mentioned by Ibn Baṭṭūṭa, although from a notice of al-K̲h̲azrad̲j̲ī under the year 797/1395 it would seem that at…

Ḥiṣn al-G̲h̲urāb

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Author(s): Schleifer, J. | Schuman, L.O.
, name (“Crow Castle”) of a mountain bearing on its summit the ruins of an ancient castle, situated on the southern coast of Arabia in the territory of the Wāḥidī [ q.v.] sultanate at the eastern end of the South Arabian Federation, near the small town of Bīr ʿAlī (14° N., 48° 19′ E.). The mountain, which is of volcanic origin like several small islands in its vicinity and has its name because of its conspicuous blackish brown colour, is connected with the mainland, as it was already in the 1st century A…


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Author(s): Schleifer, J. | Schuman, L.O.
(Ḥogariyya), name of a tribe, and of an administrative division ( ḳaḍāʾ , district) in the Yaman, one of the four districts in the province ( liwāʾ ) of Taʿizz. It is to the east of the ḳaḍāʾ of al-Mak̲h̲āʾ and to the south-west of Taʿizz, on the frontier of the South-Arabian Federation. The area is entirely mountainous, well-cultivated (coffee, cereals) and rich in livestock; according to Hey worth-Dunne it is famous for producing a kind of ass called sawriḳiyya . The number of inhabitants in this district was given by the same author in 1952 as 192,3…