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Protosinaitische Schrift

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Author(s): Tropper, Joseph (Berlin)
[English version] Die ältesten Zeugnisse der semitischen Alphabet-Schrift stammen aus Ägypten, dem Sinai und Syrien/Palaestina. Die frühen Inschr. aus dem Sinai werden protosinaitisch genannt. Bisher sind 31 sichere und etwa 15 zweifelhafte protosinait. Inschr. bekannt. Sie werden ins 17./16. Jh. oder 19./18. Jh. v. Chr. datiert. Zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt können die protosinait. Inschr. nicht als entziffert gelten: Nur etwa die Hälfte der noch betont piktographischen Schriftzeichen und eine Handvoll Wortformen (z. B. blt, “Herrin” und mhb, “Geliebter”) sind siche…

Proto-Sinaitic script

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Author(s): Tropper, Joseph (Berlin)
[German version] The oldest evidence of the Semitic alphabet script comes from Egypt, the Sinai and Syria/Palestine. The early inscriptions from the Sinai are called Proto-Sinaitic. To date 31 definite and about 15 doubtful Proto-Sinaitic inscriptions are known. They are dated to the 17th/16th cent. or 19th/18th cent. BC. At the present time, the Proto-Sinaitic inscriptions cannot be considered to have been deciphered: only about half of the still markedly pictographic characters and a few words (e.g. blt, "mistress" and mhb, "lover") can be identified with certainty. The…


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Author(s): Tropper, Joseph (Berlin)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Ḫattusa | Mesopotamia | Aegean Koine ( Ras Šamra) is the name of an ancient city on the Syrian coast (11 km north-east of al-Lāḏiqīya), which was discovered in 1928. U. was continuously inhabited from c. 6500 to c. 1180 BC. The strategically advantageous position at the intersection of trade routes from the north (Asia Minor) to the south (Palaestina, Egypt) and from west (Cyprus, Mediterranean world) to east (Mesopotamia) facilitated the growth of U. into a significant commercia…