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 Moreh Tsedeḳ

(1,981 words)

Author(s): Szpiech, Ryan
Mostrador de justicia‘Teacher of righteousness’ Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid Date: Approximately 1321-24 Original Language: Hebrew Description This is the earliest surviving and most important work of Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid. The authenticity of the work is not doubted, as it is referred to by numerous later writers, and in other works by the same author. Originally composed in Hebrew, it was translated into Castilian in the 14th century, very possibly by Abner/Alfonso himself. (He translated his earlier work, the now lost Sefer milḥamot Adonai, into Casti…

 Teshuvot la-meḥaref

(1,375 words)

Author(s): Szpiech, Ryan
Respuestas al blasfemo‘Response to the blasphemer’ Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid Date: Uncertain; late 1330s or early 1340s Original Language: Hebrew Description This is the last known text written by Abner/Alfonso, as is clear from its mention by name in most of his other major writings. Along with his earliest surviving work, the Moreh tsedeḳ/Mostrador de justicia (‘Teacher of righteousness’), it is also among his most important, for two reasons: it is his second longest surviving work (57 folios of Hebrew text, 48 in Castilian translation)…

 Libro de las tres creencias

(2,538 words)

Author(s): Szpiech, Ryan
Libro declarante‘Book of the three faiths’ Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid Date: Unknown; estimated between 1280 and 1400 Original Language: Castilian Description This text consists of an extended analysis of each section of the Apostles’ Creed into which are incorporated shorter defenses of Christian dogmas such the Trinity, the person of Christ, the sacraments, the Incarnation, and the divinity of Jesus. The text begins, on the basis of a dictum drawn from a Romance version of the collection of didactic proverbs The distichs of Cato ( Disticha Catonis), by setting out to d…

 Sermones contra los Judíos e Moros

(1,234 words)

Author(s): Szpiech, Ryan
‘Sermons against the Jews and Muslims’ Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid Date: Unknown; 14th or 15th century Original Language: Castilian Description This text, attributed to Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid but of uncertain and disputed authorship, survives in a single known manuscript copy. Some earlier critics (Falbel; Santiago-Otero; Dagenais et al.) have treated this text as a single work, while others (Sainz de la Maza) argue it consists of two sermons (Dagenais et al. see these as ‘sections’ of the s…

Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid

(1,660 words)

Author(s): Szpiech, Ryan
Master (Maese, Maestro) Alfonso Date of Birth: Approximately 1260-70 Place of Birth: Unknown, but probably Burgos Date of Death: Approximately 1345-47 Place of Death: Unknown, but probably Valladolid Biography Little is known about the early life of Abner of Burgos, but on the basis of information in his Moreh tsedeḳ (‘Teacher of righteousness’, now extant only in Castilian as Mostrador de justicia), it is estimated that he was born into the Jewish community in or around Burgos sometime between 1260 and 1270. Judging by his works, it is assumed he receive…