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Synonym: Biblical Hebrew

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Author(s): S.J., Paul Mankowski
Synonyms are words of the same language with the same or a strongly similar meaning. Synonyms may be ‘co-extensional’ if they refer to the same referent (cf.אֱדוֹם ʾε̆ḏōm ‘Edom’ and שֵׂעִיר śē ʿīr ‘Seir’, place names which apply to the same territory), or ‘co-intensional’, if they denote the same or at least overlapping properties (cf. דַּל dal and אֶבְיוֹן ʾε̆ḇyōn, both ‘poor’). As a natural language, Biblical Hebrew (BH) existed as a lexically open system continuously adaptive to social, dialectal, and intellectual changes by adding to its vocabulary, thu…