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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[German version] (Ἰκτῖνος; Iktînos). Architect of the classical period. His greatest achievement is considered to be the Athenian  Parthenon (Str. 9,395-396; Paus. 8,41,9), erected 447-438 BC, which he designed apparently together with  Callicrates (Plut. Pericles 13,7), whose contribution has been emphasized more strongly recently [1]). With the otherwise unknown Carpon he is reputed to have composed a book about the Parthenon (Vitr. 7 praef. 12). Tradition has repeatedly mentioned I. as the archi…


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[German version] Greek architect of the early Classical period from Elis. According to Paus. 5,10,3, he built the Zeus temple in Olympia, which was begun in 472 BC and completed before 456 BC. With a stylobate of 27.68 m x 64.12 m and a height of about 20 m, it was the largest temple of Greece at that time. The circular hall with 6 x 13 columns and a regular intercolumniation encloses the well-balanced cella, which is linked to the circular hall through fronts. The design concentrated on the re…

Architectural theory

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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[German version] In antiquity, the term architectural theory was evidently unknown and is not documented in the writings of ancient  architects or other authors. It relates to a modern language usage without the development of a generally binding definition for the term. …


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[English version] Der Begriff A. war offensichtlich in ant. Zeiten unbekannt und ist nicht durch Schriften ant. Architekten oder anderer Autoren überliefert. Er entspricht neuzeitlichem Sprachgebrauch, ohne daß eine allg. verbindliche Begriffsklärung entwickelt worden wäre. Statt dessen dient eine unausgesprochene Übereinkunft als ersatzweis…


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[English version] Griech. Architekt frühklass. Zeit aus Elis. Nach Paus. 5,10,3 baute er den um 472 v.Chr. begonnenen und vor 456 v.Chr. vollendeten Zeustempel in Olympia. Mit einem Stylobat von 27,68 m x 64,12 m und einer Höhe von ca. 20 m war dies der damals größte Tempel Griechenlands. Die Ringhalle mit 6 x 13 Säulen und geregel…


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[English version] Griech. Architekt u…


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
[English version] (Ἰκτῖνος). Architekt klass. Zeit. Als Hauptwerk gilt der 447-438 v.Chr. errichtete Athener Parthenon (Strab. 9,395-396; Paus. 8,41,9), den er anscheinend gemeinsam mit Kallikrates, dessen Anteil neuerdings stärker betont wurde [1], entworfen hat (Plut. Perikles 13,7). Mit einem sonst unbekannten Karpon soll er über den Parthenon eine Schrift verfaßt haben (Vitr. 7 praef. 12). Wiederholt ist I. als Architekt des um 440 v.Chr. entworfenen Telesterion in Eleusis überl. (Strab. 9,395; Vitr. 7 praef.…


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Engels, Johannes (Cologne)
(Μνησικλῆς; Mnēsiklês). [German version] [1] Greek architect, c. 430 BC Greek architect of the classical period. His chief work are the Propylaea on the Athenian Acropolis, begun in 437 BC and prematurely discontinued at the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC (Plut. Pericles 13). The forms and proportions of the architecture of the Propylaea show that M. acquired his skills among the masons of the Parthenon. While the Propylaea remained unfinished and their original design had to be altered owing to conflicting local interests, the original design can nevertheless be discerned: the original plan was for a long, three-winged structure to encompass the entire western side of the Acropolis. As well as the actual gate building, the project included side structures extending on either side and two  wings in the shape of megaron temples protruding to the west. The side structures were never built and of the southern wing only the façade. Opposite the northern wing, the so-called Pinakotheke, a reception are is created in front of the actual Propylon. The Propylon itself stands above an earlier structure which was destroyed during the Persian Wars. In contrast to it, M. rotated the axis of movement so far to the east that, once the gateway has been passed, the gaze of the visitor first falls upon the Parthenon. It is perceived diagonally, as a three-dimensional structure [2. 4-7]. This supports the argument that M. had probably particip…


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Author(s): Johannsen, Nina (Kiel) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
(Ῥοῖκος/ Rhoîkos). [German version] [1] One of the Centaurs One of the Centaurs. R. is killed together with his companio…


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Author(s): Johannsen, Nina (Kiel) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
(Ῥοῖκος). [English version] [1] einer der Kentauren Einer der Kentauren. Rh. wird gemeinsam mit seinem Gefährten Hylaios wegen seiner Zudringlichkeit von Atalante getötet (Kall. h. 3,221 mit schol.; Apollod. 3,106; Ail. var. 13,1). Evtl. identisch mit dem Kentauren Rhoetus (Ov. met. 12,271-301; Var. Rhoetus/ Rhoecus z. B. Verg. georg. 2,456; Lucan. 6,390; Val. Fl. 1,141; 3,65). Johannsen, Nina (Kiel) [English version] [2] griech. Märchengestalt Knidier, läßt eine Eiche abstützen…


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Author(s): Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Engels, Johannes (Köln)
(Μνησικλῆς). [English version] [1] griech. Architekt, um 430 v. Chr. Griech. Architekt klassischer Zeit. Hauptwerk sind die 437 v.Chr. begonnenen und beim Ausbruch des Peloponnesischen Krieges 431 v.Chr. vorzeitig beendeten Propyläen auf der Athener Akropolis (Plut. Perikles 13). Formen und Proportionen der Propyläen-Architektur weisen darauf hin, daß M. aus der Bauhütte des Parthenon hervorgegangen ist. Zwar blieben die Propyläen unvollendet und mußte ihr urspr. Plan wegen örtlich bedingter Interess…


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Author(s): Meister, Klaus (Berlin) | Günther, Linda-Marie (Munich) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
(Δεινοκράτης; Deinokrátēs). [German version] [1] Of Syracuse. Took part in the battle against Agathocles [2] shortly after 316 BC Of Syracuse. Spared as a friend of  Agathocles [2] at the latter's seizure of power in 316 BC (Diod. Sic. 19,8,6), he soon became the leader of the exiles and o…


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Author(s): Meister, Klaus (Berlin) | Günther, Linda-Marie (München) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt)
(Δεινοκράτης). [English version] [1] Syrakusier. Kämpfte gegen Agathokles [2] nach 316 v.Chr. Syrakusier. Von Agathokles [2] bei seiner Machtergreifung 316 v.Chr. als Freund geschont (Diod. 19,8,6), wurde er bald zum Führer der Verbannten und aller Gegner des Agathokles, eroberte mehrere Orte Siziliens und kämpfte an der Seite der Karthager gegen den Tyrannen (19,103f.). Er zog 309 mit Hamilkar gegen Syrakus (20,29,5), wurde nach dessen Tod von den Verbannten und den übrigen Griechen zum Strategen gewählt (…


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Author(s): von Bredow, Iris (Bietigheim-Bissingen) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) | Blume, Horst-Dieter (Münster) | Ameling, Walter (Jena) | Et al.
(Σάτυρος/ Sátyros). [German version] [1] S. I King of the regnum Bosporanum from 433/2 to 389/8 BC. Son of Spartocus I. S.' co-regent may have been (until 393/2) his brother Seleucus [1]. S. directed his attention at the Asiatic coast of the Cimmerian Bosporus (Bosporus [2]). He restored the Sindian King Hecataeus following a revolt, and allied with him through a dynastic marriage. S.'s divorced wife then sent the King of the Ixomates against him (Polyaenus, Strat. 8,55). S. died during the siege of Theodosia. von Bredow, Iris (Bietigheim-Bissingen) Bibliography V. F. Gajdukevič, Da…


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Author(s): Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) | Neudecker, Richard (Rome) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Hidber, Thomas (Berne) | Engels, Johannes (Cologne) | Et al.
(Καλλικράτης; Kallikrátēs). [German version] [1] Athenian demagogue and politician Athenian demagogue and politician in the succession of  Cleophon, he abolished the   diobelía with the promise of increasing it by an obolós; later sentenced to death (Aristot. Ath. Pol. 28,3). Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) Bibliography Rhodes, 356-357. [German version] [2] Sculptor in Laconia Sculptor in Laconia. Together with  Myrmecides, C. was considered the legendary, probably archaic creator of microscopic sculptures made of iron, bronze, ivory and marble. An…


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Author(s): Döring, Klaus (Bamberg) | Mehl, Andreas (Halle/Saale) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Neudecker, Richard (Rome) | Hoesch, Nicola (Munich) | Et al.
(Ἑρμογένης; Hermogénēs). [German version] [1] Companion of Socrates Athenian, son of Hipponicus, brother of Callias, appears on many occasions in the Socratic writings of Plato and Xenophon as the companion of  Socrates. Together with the eponymous character, H. is the dialogue partner of Socrates in Plato's Cratylus. Döring, Klaus (Bamberg) Bibliography 1 SSR VI B 71-77 2 Davies, 269-270. [German version] [2] From Aspendus, assistant commander of Antiocus I H. from Aspendus. In the struggle of Antiochus [2] I (died in 261 BC) to regain territories in Asia Minor…


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Author(s): Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) | Neudecker, Richard (Rom) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Hidber, Thomas (Bern) | Engels, Johannes (Köln) | Et al.
(Καλλικράτης). [English version] [1] Athenischer Demagoge und Politiker Athenischer Demagoge und Politiker in der Nachfolge des Kleophon, schaffte die diobelía ab unter dem Versprechen, sie um einen obolós zu erhöhen; später zum Tode verurteilt (Aristot. Ath. pol. 28,3). Schmitz, Winfried (Bielefeld) Bibliography Rhodes, 356-357. [English version] [2] Bildhauer in Lakonien Bildhauer in Lakonien. Mit Myrmekides galt K. als der legendäre, verm. archa. Schöpfer von mikroskopisch kleinen Plastiken aus Eisen, Bronze, Elfenbein oder Marmor. Gen. werd…


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Author(s): Döring, Klaus (Bamberg) | Mehl, Andreas (Halle/Saale) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Neudecker, Richard (Rom) | Hoesch, Nicola (München) | Et al.
(Ἑρμογένης). [English version] [1] Gefährte des Sokrates Athener, Sohn des Hipponikos, Bruder des Kallias, tritt in den sokratischen Schriften Platons und Xenophons mehrfach als Gefährte des Sokrates in Erscheinung. Zusammen mit der Titelgestalt ist H. Gesprächspartner des Sokrates in Platons Kratylos. Döring, Klaus (Bamberg) Bibliography 1 SSR VI B 71-77 2 Davies, 269-270. [English version] [2] aus Aspendos, Unterfeldherr Antiochos' I. H. aus Aspendos, zog im Kampf des Antiochos [2] I. (gest. 261 v.Chr.) nach der Ermordung von dessen Vater Seleukos I. z…


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Author(s): Walter, Uwe (Cologne) | Döring, Klaus (Bamberg) | Ameling, Walter (Jena) | Knell, Heiner (Darmstadt) | Folkerts, Menso (Munich) | Et al.
[German version] I Greek (Φίλων/ Phíl ōn). [German version] [I 1] Athenian politician Athenian from Acharnae who was exiled by the Oligarchic regime in 404 BC (Triakonta). During the civil war, he lived as a metoikos (resident without Attic citizenship) in Oropos awaiting the outcome of events. Following his return, when he applied to join the boulḗ he was accused of cowardice and other misdemeanours at a dokimasia investigation (Dokimasia) (Lys. 31; possibly 398 BC). Walter, Uwe (Cologne) Bibliography Blass, vol.1, 480f.  Th.Lenschau, A. Raubitschek, s.v. P. (2), RE 19, 2526f. …
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