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Matz, Friedrich

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Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
German classical archaeologist. Born Lübeck 15. 8. 1890, died Marburg 3. 8. 1974. School in Lübeck; studied at Tübingen and Göttingen; doctorate Göttingen 1913, Staatsexamen 1914. DAI travel scholarship for 1914/15 (but taken only in 1921/22 and much abbreviated because of World War I); 1914–1925 teaching in schools. 1924/25 six-month study trip to Greece; 1925–1928 editor of Realkatalog at DAI in Rome. 1927 habil. in Berlin. 1929–1934 assistant at DAI Berlin; 1934 prof. ord. in classical archaeology at Münster, succeeding Karl Lehmann-Hartleben. 1941…

Gardner, Percy

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Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
British classical archaeologist. Born Hackney (London) 24. 11. 1846, died Oxford 17. 7. 1937. School in London. 1862 joined his father’s stockbrokerage business. 1865–1869 studied classics and moral science at Christ’s College, Cambridge. Following a European tour, fellow at Cambridge and 1880–1887 Disney Prof. of Archaeology at Cambridge, while also (1871–1887) Assistant Keeper at the Department of Coins and Medals of the British Museum. 1887–1925 Lincoln Prof. of Classical Archaeology at Oxford. Work and influence Although he lacked the requisite specialist training,…

Payne, Humfry

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Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
British archaeologist. Born Humfry Gilbert Garth P. at Wendover (Bucks), 19. 2. 1902, died Athens 9. 5. 1936. School in London (Westminster School); studied at Oxford; 1924–1926 research scholarship for Mediterranean archaeology, 1926–1931 senior scholar at Christ Church College, Oxford. Also 1926–1928 assistant at the coin collection of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford; 1929–1936 director of the British School at Athens.…

Brunn, Heinrich

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Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
German archaeologist. Born Wörlitz 23. 1. 1822, died Josefsthal (Upper Bavaria) 23. 7. 1894. School at Zerbst; 1839–1843 studied at Bonn, doctorate there 1843. 1843–1853 scholarly assistant, 1857–1865 Second Secretary at Instituto di Corrispondenza Archeologica in Rome; interim period 1853–1856 as curator of the Univ. Library in Bonn, where he took habil. in 1854. 1865 prof. ord. of classical archaeology and Conservator of the Coin Cabinet at Munich, 1868 also Conservator of the Vase Collection the…

Elgin, Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of

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Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
Lord Elgin; British art collector and diplomat. Born Broomhall, Fife (Scotland) 20. 7. 1766, died 4. 11. 1841 in Paris. School at Harrow and ¶ Westminster, 1782–1786 studies at St. Andrews and Paris (law), 1786/87 in Dresden. 1790–1807 Scottish Representative Peer in the House of Lords (Tory). 1791–1794 Envoy-Extraordinary to the court at Vienna and to Brussels (Austrian Netherlands). 1795–1798 Minister-Plenipotentiary at the Prussian court in Berlin, 1799–1803 ambassador to Constantinople. 1803–1806 captivity in France, after which he retired to private life. Works and influ…

Ashmole, Bernard

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Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
British classical archaeologist. Born 22. 6. 1894 in Ilford, Essex, died 25. 2. 1988 in Peebles (Scotland). School in London (Forest School), 1913/14 and 1919–1923 studied at Oxford, interrupted by war service. 1923–1925 worked at the Coin Cabinet of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; 1925–1928 Director of the British School at Rome. 1929–1948 Yates Prof. of classical archaeology at Univ. College London, also 1938–1956 Keeper of the Graeco-Roman Dept. of the British Museum; 1939–1945 war service. 195…

Ward-Perkins, John Bryan

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Author(s): Heitz, Christian | Graepler, Daniel
British classical archaeologist. Born Bromley, Kent, 3. 2. 1912, died Cirencester 28. 5. 1981. Attended Winchester College, 1934 BA from New College, Oxford; 1935 scholarship to the British School at Rome. 1936–1939 assistant at London Museum; 1939 prof. of archaeology at the Royal Univ. of Malta. 1943–1945 director of the Allied Sub-Commission for Monuments and Fine Arts in Italy; 1946–1974 head of the British School at Rome (BSR). Honorary doctorates from Birmingham (1955) and Alberta (1969); 1974–1979 president of the Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica. Work …

De Rossi, Giovanni Battista

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Author(s): Buonocore, Marco | Graepler, Daniel
Italian Christian archaeologist and epigrapher. Born Rome 23. 2. 1822, died Castelgandolfo 20. 9. 1894. Studied philosophy at the Collegio

Reinach, Salomon

(1,017 words)

Author(s): Duchêne, Hervé | Graepler, Daniel
French archaeologist and art historian. Born Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Paris) 29. 8. 1858, died Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris) 14. 11. 1932. 1876 admission as best in year to École normale supérieure; 1879 Agrégé de grammaire (teaching certificate); 1880–1882 member of the École française d’Athènes and researching at Myrina and on Delos and Thasos. 1883–1885 secretary of the Commission archéologique de Tunisie, excavations at Carthage and elsewhere. 1886 assistant, 1893 deputy conservator, 1902 director of the Musée des Antiquités nationales in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. 1890–…

Curtius, Ludwig

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Author(s): Diebner, Sylvia | Graepler, Daniel
German classical archaeologist. Born 13. 12. 1874 in Augsburg, died Rome 10. 4. 1954. 1894–1897 studied law and economics at Munich and Berlin. From 1897, studied classical archaeology at Munich and Rome. 1902 doctorate at Munich, 1907 habil. there. 1908 curator of the museum of antiquities at Munich. 1908 prof. ext., 1913 prof. ord. at Erlangen. Served in World War I as a volunteer and officer. 1918 prof. ord. at Freiburg; 1920–1927 prof. ord. at Heidelberg; 1928–1937 first director of the DAI at Rome; 1937 compulsory retirement. Lived the rest of his life at Rome. 1952 Order Pour le mérite.…

Richter, Gisela

(901 words)

Author(s): Dyson, Stephen L. | Graepler, Daniel
British-American archaeologist. Born Gisela Marie Augusta R., London, 14. 8. 1882, died Rome 24. 12. 1972. 1901–1904 studied at Girton College, Cambridge, then 1904 at the British School at Athens (BSA). 1910 assistant curator, 1922 associate curator. 1925–1948 chief curator of the Graeco-Roman Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) in New York. American citizenship 1917. 1960/61 guest prof. at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. 1952 honorary doctorate from Univ. of Oxford; 1968 gold medal of the American Institute of Archaeology. Career and works R. gr…

Thompson, Homer Armstrong

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Author(s): Dyson, Stephen L. | Graepler, Daniel
Canadian-American classical archaeologist. Born Devlin, Ontario, 7. 9. 1906, died Hightstown, New Jersey, 7. 5. 2000. Studied at the Univ. of British Columbia, 1925 BA, 1927 MA 1929 ¶ doctorate at Univ. of Michigan. 1933–1947 prof. of classical archaeology at the Univ. of Toronto. Curator of the antiquities collection of the Royal Ontario Museum. 1946–1967 director of excavations in the Agora. From 1947 prof. at School of Historical Studies at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey. American citizen 1951…