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Aegean Koine

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Author(s): Niemeier, Wolf-Dietrich (Heidelberg) | Deger-Jalkotzy, Sigrid (Salzburg)
[German version] A. Definition In contrast to modern conditions, caused by political problems between Greece and Turkey, the Aegean sea in antiquity always had a connecting function between the Greek mainland, the islands of the Aegean and the west coast of Asia Minor. In the Aegean Bronze Age, cultural traits and ideas spread across the sea lanes several times to such an extent that each time, one can speak of the existence of an Aegean koine (AK). These Aegean koinai show differing forms. The one from the early Bronze Age (middle to second half of the 3rd millennium BC) …

Dark Ages

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Author(s): Deger-Jalkotzy, Sigrid (Salzburg)
[German version] [1] (1200-800 BC) (1200-800 BC) Deger-Jalkotzy, Sigrid (Salzburg) [German version] A. Definition Since the end of the 19th cent., the term Dark Ages (DA), coined by English speaking scholars, characterizes the time from the decline of the Mycenaean palaces c. 1200 to the beginning of the ‘Homeric Period’, i.e. the early archaic period of Greece in the 8th cent. BC. Archaeologically, the DA comprise the following periods: Late Helladic (LH) III C = Mycenaean III C (12th and early 11th cent.), sub-Mycenaean (early to mid…


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Author(s): Deger-Jalkotzy, Sigrid (Salzburg)
[German version] In the Linear B texts, the second highest dignitary after the king in the Mycenaean palace state. He had a share in the royal lands ( témenos), was involved in state campaigns, had his own staff ( ra-wa-ke-si-jo) and commanded his own team ( ra-wa-ke-ja). The interpretation of Linear B


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Author(s): Eder, Walter (Berlin) | Deger-Jalkotzy, Sigrid (Salzburg) | Briese, Christoph (Randers) | Bieg, Gebhard (Tübingen)
I. General information [German version] A. Definition The term colonization is used to refer to several waves of settlement movements in the area around the Mediterranean in the period from the 11th cent. BC up to the Roman imperial era, which significantly alter the settlement geography of the Mediterranean world and have a decisive and lasting effect on the course of ancient history. In general the term colonization is not used to refer to the immigration in…