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Weinstein, Esther

(229 words)

Author(s): Callie Maidhof
Esther Weinstein, president of the Cairo Jewish Community from1996 to 2002, was born Esther Chaki to a Greek father and an Egyptian mother in Cairo, on July 14, 1910. She lived there until her death on October 4, 2004. In August 1996, members of the community staged what one Egyptian journalist called a “palace revolt,” overturning the all-male board headed by  Emile Rousseauand replacing it with one that more closely resembled the demographic make-up of the city’s aging, largely female Jewish population. The reform was engineered by Carmen Weinstein, the elder of Weinstein’s two …

Weinstein, Carmen

(259 words)

Author(s): Callie Maidhof
Carmen Weinstein, born in Cairo, Egypt, on October 10, 1931, became president of the Cairo Jewish Community in 2004. A longtime communal activist, Weinstein is best known for her efforts to conserve Egyptian Jewish artifacts and buildings. Her work on this issue began in 1975, when she launched a struggle on behalf of the Bassatine Cemetery, thought to be the world’s second-oldest Jewish cemetery (after the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem). In 1988, at a time when women still could not hold official positions on the community board, she was selected t…