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Noun Phrase

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Author(s): Berman, Ruth A.
This entry deals with Noun Phrases in current Israeli Hebrew from two perspectives: their syntactic structure and function (Section 1) and their use in extended discourse (Section 2). Focus is on Hebrew-specific properties, against the background of linguistic research on Noun Phrases in different languages, including: Andrews’ (2007) survey of the major semantic roles and grammatical functions associated with Noun Phrases; Giorgi and Longobardi’s (1991) overview of the internal structure of Nou…

Acquisition of Language, First

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Author(s): Berman, Ruth A.
1. Introduction The mystery of how children learn language has intrigued scholars through the ages, while the question of how a small child can gain command of the complex syntactic structures that linguists work hard to explain has motivated the field of developmental psycholinguistics since the 1960s. To this day, children’s acquisition of their mother tongue serves as a testing ground for claims about human language as a branch of cognitive science. Explanations range from behaviorist stimulus-…