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Denominative Nouns

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Author(s): Andrews, Stephen J.
In Biblical Hebrew many nouns are derived from verbal roots (deverbative), e.g., רָמָה rå̄må̄ ‘high place’, מָרוֹם må̄rōm ‘height’ from רו״ם r-w-m ‘to be high’. But in some cases nouns originate from other nouns or adjectives, e.g., מַרְגְּלוֹת margəlōṯ ‘the place at the feet’ from the noun רֶגֶל rε:ḡεl ‘foot’, עִוָּרוֹן ʿiwwå̄rōn ‘blindness’ from the adjective עִוֵּר ʿiwwēr ‘blind’. Some verbs as well are derived from nouns, e.g., כִּהֵן kihēn ‘to act as a priest’ from כֹּהֵן kōhēn ‘priest’. Such nominal and verbal derivatives are called denominative. Early grammarians considered all nou…