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Ebüziyya Mehmed Tevfik

(903 words)

Author(s): Çelik, Birten
Ebüziyya Mehmed Tevfik (Ebū ’l-Deiubareiodotiyāʾ Meḥmed Tevfīq, 17 Rebiülevvel (Rabīʿ al-Awwal) 1265–18 Safer (Ṣafar) 1331/10 February 1849–27 January 1913), a Turkish journalist, printer, editor, critic, lexicographer, writer, calligrapher, bureaucrat, and politician, was born in Istanbul to a family from Konya. He wrote articles under the pseudonym Ebüziyya, which he adopted during his exile in Rhodes, in 1290/1873, when the Ottoman government prohibited him from working as a journalist. Mehmed Tevfik’s life was shaped by his service in the bureaucracy, his li…
Date: 2019-03-21

Edhem Paşa

(666 words)

Author(s): Çelik, Birten
Edhem Paşa (1260–1327/1844–1909), an Ottoman military officer and statesmen, who bore the title of Gazi (Ghāzī, lit. “victorious soldier of Islam”; an honorific given to successful generals), was born in Istanbul on 27 Receb (Rajab) 1260/12 August 1844. He started his career in the Ottoman army as a mülazım-ı sani ( mülāzım-ı thānī, second lieutenant) in the regiments of the Imperial Guard (sixth company of the first battalion), in Istanbul, after having graduated from the Mekteb-i Erkan-ı Harbiye-i Şahane (Mekteb-i Erkān-ı Ḥarbiyye-i Şāhāne, Imp…
Date: 2019-03-21