Who's Who in Public International Law

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Edited by: Jennifer Dilworth and Megan Stuart-Jones

Who’s Who in Public International Law Online provides unique access to the main players within international law.  Originally created by Sir Elihu Lauterpacht of Cambridge University, Who’s Who in Public International Law Online is a directory of some 600 public international lawyers of standing and prominence in the judicial, academic and professional fields. Who’s Who in Public International Law Online focuses upon those persons who devote or have devoted a significant part of their activities to public international law, whether as judges, arbitrators, practicing lawyers, officials of governments and international organizations, members of inter-governmental legal bodies or academics.

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Ko, Dr Swan Sik, SH

(98 words)

Indonesian; born: 4 January 1931; languages: Indonesian, Dutch, English; professional career: academic career:…

Kohen, Dr Marcelo G.

(112 words)

Argentine; born: 11 August 1957; languages: Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German; professional …

Kohona, Dr Palitha T. B.

(198 words)

Australian Sri Lankan; born: 24 March 1948; languages: Sinhala, English, French; professional career: government…

Kokott, Professor Dr Dr Juliane Beate, Dr iur utriusque, LLM, SJD

(134 words)

German; born: 18 June 1957; languages: German, French, English, Spanish; professional career: academic career: …

Kolasa, Professor Jan

(203 words)

Polish; born: 3 December 1926; languages: Polish, English; interests: Jurisdiction; Litigation; Organisation…

Kolb, Professor Robert Franz Anthony

(434 words)

Swiss; born: 11 March 1967; languages: French, German, English, Italian, Greek; professional career: academic ca…

Kolodkin, Judge Anatoly Lazarevich

(437 words)

Russian; born: 27 February 1928; languages: Russian, English, German; professional career: academic career: Fa…

Kolodkin, Roman Anatolyevitch

(176 words)

Russian; born: 29 July 1960; languages: Russian, English; professional career: academic career: Moscow State …

Kolosov, Professor Dr Yury Mikhailovitch, LLD, PhD

(364 words)

Russian; born: 7 September 1934; languages: Russian, English; professional career: academic career: Moscow St…

Komori, Teruo

(114 words)

Japanese; born: 9 June 1944; languages: Japanese, English; professional career: academic career: Chiba Univer…

Kopal, Professor JUDr Vladimír, DrSc

(389 words)

Czech; born: 14 August 1928; languages: Czech, English, French, German, Russian; professional career: academic c…

Koroma, Judge Abdul Gadrie

(171 words)

Sierra Leonean; languages: English; professional career: ILC, Member, 1982-94, Chairman, 1991; government…

Koskenniemi, Professor Martti Antero

(498 words)

Finnish; born: 18 March 1953; languages: Finnish, English, French, German, Swedish; professional career: academi…

Kotlyar, Dr Vladimir S.

(585 words)

Russian; born: 13 March 1933; languages: Russian, English, French, Swedish, Norwegian; interests: Armed conflic…

Kranz, Professor Jerzy

(139 words)

Polish; born: 14 October 1948; languages: Polish, French, German, English; professional career: academic career…

Krokhmal, Vladimir Georgievich

(163 words)

Ukrainian; born: 26 September 1964; languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English; professional career: diplomatic ca…

Kuris, Judge Pranas, Dr hab

(309 words)

Lithuanian; born: 20 August 1938; languages: Lithuanian, French, Russian, English, Polish; professional career: