Who's Who in Public International Law

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Subject: International Relations

Edited by: Jennifer Dilworth and Megan Stuart-Jones

Who’s Who in Public International Law Online provides unique access to the main players within international law.  Originally created by Sir Elihu Lauterpacht of Cambridge University, Who’s Who in Public International Law Online is a directory of some 600 public international lawyers of standing and prominence in the judicial, academic and professional fields. Who’s Who in Public International Law Online focuses upon those persons who devote or have devoted a significant part of their activities to public international law, whether as judges, arbitrators, practicing lawyers, officials of governments and international organizations, members of inter-governmental legal bodies or academics.

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Padfield, Nicholas David, QC

(33 words)

British; born: 5 August 1947; languages: English, French; office address: 12 Gray's Inn Square, London, WC1R …

Pangalangan, Professor Raul

(104 words)

Philippines; born: 1 September 1958; languages: English, Filipino; professional career: academic career: Univ…

Paradell Trius, Dr Lluís

(45 words)

Spanish; born: 18 December 1967; languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian; publications: Books: In…

Parker, HE Judge Kevin Horace, AO, RFD

(183 words)

Australian; born: 6 February 1937; languages: English; professional career: As Counsel, appeared before the …

Park, Judge Choon-Ho

(145 words)

Korean; born: 15 April 1930; languages: Korean, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, German; education: Seoul Nat…

Park, Judge Seon-ki

(88 words)

Korean; born: 14 March 1954; languages: Korean, English; professional career: Dae Dong law firm, Korea, Partn…

Park, Professor William W.

(336 words)

American Swiss; born: 2 July 1947; languages: English, French, German; professional career: academic career: Bo…

Partasides, Constantine

(206 words)

British; born: 5 December 1969; languages: English, French, Greek; professional career: Practised as an Englis…

Passivirta, Dr Esa Juhani

(247 words)

Finnish; born: 28 April 1956; languages: Finnish, English, French, Spanish, Swedish; professional career: academ…

Pastor Ridruejo, Professor Jose Antonio

(185 words)

Spanish; born: 6 December 1932; languages: Spanish, French, English; professional career: academic career: Pro…

Pathak, HE Judge Raghunandan Swarup

(278 words)

Indian; born: 25 November 1924; languages: English, Hindi; professional career: academic career: Distinguishe…

Paulsson, Jan

(263 words)

Swedish French; born: 5 November 1949; languages: English, French, Swedish, Spanish; professional career: academ…

Paunovic, Professor Milan

(133 words)

Serbian; born: 1 February 1956; languages: Serbian, English; professional career: academic career: Belgrade U…

Pawlak, Judge Stanislaw Michal

(612 words)

Polish; born: 27 September 1933; languages: Polish, English, Russian, French; professional career: academic car…

Pellet, Dr Alain

(260 words)

French; born: 2 January 1947; languages: French, English; professional career: academic career: University of…

Pellonpaa, Judge Matti

(273 words)

Finnish; born: 4 April 1950; languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French; professional career: academic…

Perera, Dr Amrith Rohan, PC

(816 words)

Sri Lankan, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN in New York; born: 16 May 1947; language…

Perezcano Diaz, Hugo

(157 words)

Mexican; born: 5 April 1967; languages: Spanish, English, French; professional career: academic career: Escuel…

Perez Giralda, Dr Aurelio

(551 words)

Spanish; born: 15 February 1946; languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German; professional career: acad…

Perrakis, Stylianos

(596 words)

Greek; born: 5 July 1948; languages: Greek, French, English; professional career: academic career: Panteion Un…
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