Who's Who in Public International Law

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Subject: International Relations

Edited by: Jennifer Dilworth and Megan Stuart-Jones

Who’s Who in Public International Law Online provides unique access to the main players within international law.  Originally created by Sir Elihu Lauterpacht of Cambridge University, Who’s Who in Public International Law Online is a directory of some 600 public international lawyers of standing and prominence in the judicial, academic and professional fields. Who’s Who in Public International Law Online focuses upon those persons who devote or have devoted a significant part of their activities to public international law, whether as judges, arbitrators, practicing lawyers, officials of governments and international organizations, members of inter-governmental legal bodies or academics.

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Baade, Prof. Emeritus Hans W.

(227 words)

German; born: 16 December 1929; languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish; education: Syracuse Unive…

Baker, Ambassador Alan, LLB, LLM

(164 words)

Israeli British; born: 7 December 1947; languages: English, Hebrew, French, Arabic; education: UCL, LLB (Hons),…

Baker, C. Mark

(766 words)

American, Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP; born: ; education: Yale Univ., History, BA, summa cum laude, 19…

Bakhashab, Prof. Dr. Omar Bin Abubakar Bin Ahmed, LLB, LLM, PhD

(591 words)

Saudi Arabian; born: 28 September 1955; languages: Arabic, English, French; education: Cairo University, LLB, …

Balas, JUDr Vladimir

(239 words)

Czech; born: 20 April 1959; languages: English, Russian, Polish, Slovak; education: Charles University, Facult…

Bantekas, Prof. Ilias

(498 words)

Full Professor of International Law, Brunel University Law School & Associate Fellow at IALS, University of London; b…

Barcz, Prof. Jan, PhD

(254 words)

Polish; born: 19 February 1953; languages: Polish, German, English, Russian; education: Maria Curie-Sklodowska…

Barker, Dr John

(132 words)

Canadian; born: 5 April 1951; languages: English, French; education: University of Toronto, BA 1975, History…

Bar-Yaacov, Prof. Nissim, Ph.D

(165 words)

Israeli; languages: English, Hebrew; education: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, MA, 1954, Sociology,…

Basedow, Professor Dr Dr hc Juergen, LLM

(311 words)

German; born: 29 September 1949; languages: German, English, French, Italian; education: Hamburg, 1st State Ex…

Batliner, Dr Iur Gerard

(387 words)

Liechtenstein, Arbitrator, Court of the OSCE; born: 9 December 1928, Eschen, Liechtenstein; languages: English, …

Baudenbacher, Prof. Dr. Carl

(256 words)

Swiss, Judge, EFTA Court; born: 1 September 1947; languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish; education:…

Behrens, Prof. Dr. Peter, MCJ

(474 words)

German; born: 18 December 1939; languages: German, English, French; education: Universities of Hamburg, Lausa…

Bekker, Dr Pieter H.F.

(551 words)

Dutch; born: 18 November 1966; languages: Dutch, English, German, French; education: Leiden University Law Sch…

Belliard, Edwige

(116 words)

French; born: 19 May 1959; languages: English, Spanish; education: University of Paris, Licence ès Lettres (…

Bellinger, The Hon. John B., III

(158 words)

American; born: 28 March 1960; languages: English; education: Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School o…

Ben Achour, Prof. Yadh

(320 words)

Tunisian; born: 1 June 1945; languages: Arabic, French; education: Université de Paris, Faculté de droit, Ma…

Bensouda, Fatou Bomm

(305 words)

Gambian, Prosecutor, International Criminal Court; born: 13 January 1961; languages: English, French; education:…

Bentham, Prof. Richard Walker, FRSA

(402 words)

British; born: 26 June 1930; languages: English, French; education: University of Dublin, BA (Mod), LLB, 195…

Benvisti, Prof. Eyal

(167 words)

Israeli; born: 18 February 1959; languages: English, German, Hebrew; education: The Hebrew University of Jeru…
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