Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle

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Edited by:  Edited by Graeme Dunphy and Cristian Bratu

The Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle brings together the latest research in chronicle studies from a variety of disciplines and scholarly traditions. Chronicles are the history books written and read in educated circles throughout Europe and the Middle East in the Middle Ages. For the modern reader, they are important as sources for the history they tell, but equally they open windows on the preoccupations and self-perceptions of those who tell it. Interest in chronicles has grown steadily in recent decades, and the foundation of a Medieval Chronicle Society in 1999 is indicative of this. Indeed, in many ways the Encyclopedia has been inspired by the emergence of this Society as a focus of the interdisciplinary chronicle community.

The online version was updated in 2014 and in 2016.

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Zacharias scholasticus

(466 words)

Author(s): Lössl, Josef | Ginkel, Jan van
[Zachariah Rhetor, of Mytilene] ca 465/6- post 536 ad. Byzantium. Born under the reign of emperor Leo I. in Maiuma near Gaza, Zacharias was educated in rhetoric and law in Alexandria and Berytus (Beirut) before he moved to Constantinople to practice as a lawyer. Drawn to the ascetic life he developed an interest in theology and was appointed bishop of Mytilene. He took part in the Council of Constantinople in 536 and died some time between that year and 553, when a successor is attested for the see of Mytilene.Zacharias is the author of an important work in Greek on church history, …
Date: 2016-10-17

Zakuto, Abraham

(396 words)

Author(s): Zwiep, Irene
[Abraham ben Samuel Zakut] 1452-ca 1515. Castile (Iberia). Jewish astronomer at the university of Salamanca and the courts of Joao II and Manuel I. Author of Sefer ha-Yuhasin (The Book of Genealogies), written in Hebrew and completed in Tunis in 1504.The first five chapters form a traditional Jewish successor chronicle, written in Hebrew prose, that charts the development of the Oral Law through the successive generations of rabbinic scholars, from the creation of the world until Zakuto's days. In order to vindicate his endeavour, Zak…
Date: 2016-10-17

Zayner, Andreas

(209 words)

Author(s): Przybilski, Martin
ca 1450 - post 1509. Germany. Born in Lauingen on the Danube, scribe to the town of Ingolstadt from 1491 to 1509, several times official envoy of the town council. Author of a High German Chronik des Landshuter Erbfolgekriegs (Chronicle of the Landshut War of Succession). Written in prose in 1505/06, it was originally entitled Buch der cronicken und seltzamen und unerhorlichen geschichten im loblichen hawss Bairn (Book of chronicles and peculiar and unheard-of incidents which occured in the renowned house of Bavaria). It relates the events of the war of succes…
Date: 2016-10-17

Zerbster Ratschronik

(277 words)

Author(s): Dunphy, Graeme
(Chronicle of the Zerbst Town Council) commissioned 1451. Germany. This Low German prose chronicle was written by an anonymous scribe, possibly the town clerk Nicolaus Jodeke, at the request of the town council. In 120 manuscript pages it charts the history of Zerbst, near Magdeburg, from 1259 to 1445. The first century is covered cursorily, recording documents granting trading prerogatives to the city, which are cited by incipit and briefly described. The bulk of the chronicle is a narrative account of the town's struggles to assert its prerogatives from the late 14th century onwards…
Date: 2016-10-17