Encyclopedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles

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Edited by: Gale Owen-Crocker, Elizabeth Coatsworth & Maria Hayward
The single volume Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c. 450-1450 is a unique work that intends to bring together in 582 signed articles the latest research from across the range of disciplines which contribute to our knowledge of medieval dress and textiles.

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Norfolk worsteds

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Author(s): Elizabeth Coatsworth
See worsted. Elizabeth Coatsworth

Northampton Fair

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Author(s): Richard Britnell
The fair was originally held in the church and churchyard of All Saints on the feast of All Saints, but by the persuasion of Robert Grosseteste, and licence of King Henry III, it was moved out of the churchyard in 1237. The early history of the fair is so obscure as to present nothing remarkable, but by the mid-13th century it had become one of international note. The role of the fair was no doubt supported by Northampton's own manufacture of fine woollens, but business there acquired more than local significance. It was one of the fairs at which merch…

Nuns and monks, convents and monasteries: the monastic orders and their costumes

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Author(s): Allison D. Fizzard
For perhaps no others in medieval society was clothing such an integral part of their identities as it was for members of the religious orders. The adoption of distinctive monastic articles of clothing such as the veil or the cowl marked one as having renounced worldliness and embraced the Christian ascetic values of self-deprivation and austerity. Indeed, the putting aside of the distinctive habit of the religious was regarded in canon law as an act of apostasy, an indication of the rejection o…