Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World

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Executive Editor: Norman A. Stillman

The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online (EJIW) is the first cohesive and discreet reference work which covers the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online is updated with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material. 

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Zonana Family

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Author(s): Aksel Erbahar
The Zonana family held the position of ocak bazirgâni , merchant-banker of the Janissary corps, for most of the eighteenth century. The first member of the family to occupy this lucrative post was David Zonana (d. 1746), who acquired immense wealth and unprecedented political influence. David established good relations with Seyyid Hasan Pasha, the commander of the Janissary corps, and continued to serve as his personal agent when Seyyid Hasan Pasha was appointed grand vizier in 1743. However, three years later, when Seyyid Hasan Pasha was repla…

Zoroastrians, (Jewish relations with) 

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Author(s): Jamsheed Choksy
Relations between Jews and Zoroastrians in the Persianate world were generally peaceful in Antiquity, despite occasional instances of persecution, and remained so following the Islamic conquest of Iran in the seventh century. The governors of Ctesiphon (al-Madā’īn) and Susa, both of whom were Zoroastrians, negotiated terms of capitulation with the Arabs that included payment of tribute by minorities rather than conversion to Islam. Isfahan (including the Zoroastrian quarter of Jay and the Jewish…
Date: 2015-09-03

Zrihan, Emil

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Author(s): Mark Kligman
Emil Zrihan was born in 1954 in Rabat, Morocco, and moved with his family to  Israel when he was nine years old. A singer in the  Judeo-Andalusian  musical tradition of Morocco, he began his professional career at the age of thirteen. Since then, noted for his rich, multi-octave countertenor voice, he has performed throughout the Middle East and Europe with Jewish and Arab musicians. He first toured North America in 1999. Known to fans as the “Moroccan nightingale” and “voice of the mockingbird,” Zrihan sees his music as a bridge between two worlds. He incorporates…