Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition, Glossary and Index of Terms

Get access Subject: Middle East and Islamic Studies
Edited by: P.J. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel and W.P. Heinrichs
Assisted by C. Ott, under the patronage of the International Union of Acadamies

Glossary and Index of Terms treats the technical terms in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and other languages or dialects of the Islamic world. As an index, it is of immeasurable importance, in particular for the many terms which are not given an entry but are discussed in the course of an article; and as glossary it is an invaluable source of information for both non-specialist, who is given an insight into the varied and rich vocabulary of Islam, and the specialist, who may discover surprising new contexts in which a term is used.

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(41 words)

göbak (P) : among the S̲h̲āhsewan in Persia, a ‘navel’ or descent group. S̲h̲āhsewan göbek adi̊ …


(22 words)

goni (Kanuri) : one who has memorised the Qurʾān, a term for saint in Chad and the Nilotic Sudan. Walī


(80 words)

gönüllü (T) : volunteer; in the Ottoman empire, ~ was used as a term (sometimes with the pseudo-Persian pl. gönüllüyān,…


(38 words)

göstermelik (T) : inanimate objects, without any direct connection with the shadow play, which are s…


(37 words)

göt-tikme (T) : a type of tent possessed by the Türkmen Yomut and Göklen tribes. The ~ essentially i…


(24 words)

gourbi (Alg) : a shack, a fixed dwelling used in the Algerian sedentarisation of nomads in the 20th …


(44 words)

gu’ (Somali) : the season from April to June which is the ‘season of plenty’ in Somalia. The other seasons are xagaa (Jul…


(25 words)

guban (Somali) : lit. burnt; a hot, dry region. Somali, the name of a people of the Horn of Africa, …


(23 words)

gud̲h̲ār (P) : a restricted area of a guild in which it practised its trade. Ṣinf; also gud̲h̲ar, a passage. Tihrān


(139 words)

gul (P, T gül) : in botany, the rose, a recurring image in eastern Islamic literature. Guinea Among the dervishes, gül s…


(21 words)

guldasta : in architecture, a shaft-like pinnacle, introduced in Tug̲h̲luḳid work as a prolongation …


(82 words)

gūm (N.Afr, < A ḳawm) : the name given in the Arab countries of North Africa to a group of armed horseme…


(9 words)

gunbad (P) : a domed mausoleum. Walī


(81 words)

gunbrī (N.Afr, dim. gunībrī) : in its most primitive form, with a gourd, shell, or wooden sound-chest, …


(22 words)

güregen : ‘royal son-in-law’, a Činggisid title that Tīmūr Lang assumed after taking Saray Malik as …
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