Encyclopaedia of Islam, First Edition (1913-1936)

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Edited by: M. Th.Houtsma, T.W.Arnold, R.Basset and R.Hartmann
The Encyclopaedia of Islam First Edition Online (EI1) was originally published in print between 1913 and 1936. The demand for an encyclopaedic work on Islam was created by the increasing (colonial) interest in Muslims and Islamic cultures during the nineteenth century. The scope of the  Encyclopedia of Islam First Edition Online is philology, history, theology and law until early 20th century. Such famous scholars as Houtsma, Wensinck, Gibb, Snouck Hurgronje, and Lévi-Provençal were involved in this scholarly endeavor. The Encyclopedia of Islam First Edition Online offers access to 9,000 articles.

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Yi̊ldi̊z Kōs̲h̲kü

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Author(s): Deny, J.
(t.), Yildiz Kiosk, properly the “Kiosk of the Star” or more popularly in Turkish usage, Yi̊ldi̊z Sarāyi̊ “Palace of the Star”, or simply Yi̊ldi̊z, the imperial residence consisting of a vast and somewhat chaotic agglomeration of pavilions and gardens situated in the northeast of Istanbul (Constantinople) on the heights which command Bes̲h̲iktas̲h̲ (Beşiktaş) and Ortaköy. The surrounding wall is ad̲j̲oined in the east by the Ortaköy quarters, in the south by the Čerag̲h̲an (Çeragan) quarter and in the west by the slopes known as Serend̲j̲e Bey yokus̲h̲u. Yildiz maybe reached from…