Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Ijsewijn, Jozef

(780 words)

Author(s): Hibst, Peter
Belgian classical philologist. Born Jozef Antoon Maria Karel I., Zwijndrecht 30. 12. 1932, died Leuven 27. 11. 1998. 1945–1951 attended the episcopal school ( Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege) at Antwerp. 1951–1955 studied classical philology and ancient history at the Catholic Univ. at Leuven. 1959 doctorate (Dr. Class. Phil.); from 1962 lecturer, then from 1967 prof. ord. in classical and early modern Latin there. Retired 1997. Career, works and influence Because of his interest in the classical languages, which was already encouraged at school, I. decided in 1951 t…

Imhoof-Blumer, Friedrich

(770 words)

Author(s): Von Kaenel, Hans-Markus
Swiss numismatist and coin collector. Born Winterthur 11. 5. 1838, died there 26. 4. 1920. Trained as an economist. 1870 Dr. h. c., Univ. of Zürich. Thereafter withdrew from business life to continue as a private scholar and collector. Voluntary positions including conservator of the coin cabinet at the city library of Winterthur (from 1861) [16]. Member of many acads. and professional associations. Many honours, including Prussian Order Pour le mérite für Wissenschaften und Künste (1895). Biography and scholarly career I.-B. was the son of Friedrich Ludwig I.-Hotze, the ow…

Index Letter A

(862 words)

Abbati Olivieri, Annibale degli Italian antiquities collector, archaeologist (1708–1789): Gori, Anton Francesco; Passeri, Giovanni Battista Abbé Le Blond’ Le Blond, Gaspard Michel Abeken, Heinrich German theologian (1809–1872): Lepsius, Karl Richard Abert, Hermann German musicologist (1871–1927): Jahn, Otto Acciaiuoli,* Donato Italian Humanist (1429–1478): Argyropoulos, John Acciaiuoli, Niccolò Italian statesman, notary, banker (1310–1365): Boccaccio, Giovanni Acidalius,* Valens (Havekenthal, Valentin) German philologist, physician (1567–1595)

Index Letter B

(2,929 words)

Babel, Hugues French philologist, Humanist, philosopher (1474–1556): Boissard, Jean-Jacques Babelon,* Ernest French numismatist, archaeologist (1854–1924): Cohen, Henry Babin, Jacques-Paul French Jesuit, missionary (died 1699): Spon, Jacques Bacchini, Benedetto Italian historian, literary critic (1651–1721): Muratori, Ludovico Antonio Bach, Johann Sebastian German composer (1685–1750): Ernesti, Johann August; Gesner, Johann Matthias Bachofen,* Johann Jakob Swiss legal historian, classical scholar (1815–1887): Kaschnitz von Weinberg, Guido; Meuli, Kar…

Index Letter C

(1,853 words)

Caesar, Carl Julius German classical philologist (1816–1886): Bergk, Theodor Cagnat,* René French epigraphist (1852–1937): Piganiol, André Cahn, Adolph Emil German coin dealer (1840–1918): Schwabacher, Willy Calamandrei, Piero Italian journalist, writer (1889–1956): Pasquali, Giorgio Calasanz Serra Rafols (Calassanç Serra i Ràfols), José de (Josep) Spanish archaeologist (1902–1971): Bosch Gimpera, Pedro Calderini,* Domizio Italian Humanist (c. 1446–1478): Manutius, Aldus Calepinus, Ambrosius Italian lexicographer (c. 1435–1510): DuCange, Charles; Forcellin…

Index Letter D

(1,448 words)

D’Achéry, Luc French ecclesiastical historian (1609–1684): Mabillon, Jean D’Ailly, Philippe Bourlier, Baron de French numismatist (1793–1877): Cohen, Henry D’Ansse de Villoison, Jean-Baptiste Gaspard French classical philologist (1750–1805): Wolf, Friedrich August Da Feltre, Vittorino’ Vittorino da Feltre Dach, Simon German poet (1605–1659): Buchner, August Dacier,* André French translator, librarian (1651–1722) Dacier, Anne and André Dacier,* Anne French translator (1654–1720) Dacier, Anne and André Dacier, Bon-Joseph French historian, philologist (1742–1833):…

Index Letter E

(651 words)

Ebeling, Erich German Assyriologist (1886–1955): Soden,Wolfram von Ebers, Georg Moritz German Egyptologist (1837–1898): Erman, Adolf; Steindorff, Georg Ebert, Max German prehistorian (1879–1929): Duhn, Friedrich von Eck, Johannes German theologian (1486–1543): Pirckheimer, Willibald Eckhel,* Joseph Hilarius Austrian Jesuit, numismatist (1737–1798): Foy-Vaillant, Jean; Orsini, Fulvio; Visconti, Ennio Quirino; Zoëga, Georg Edel,* Elmar German Egyptologist (1914–1997): Sethe, Kurt Edelstein,* Ludwig German-American philologist, historian of medicine (190…

Index Letter F

(1,036 words)

Faber, Basilius (Schmidt, Basilius) German pedagogue (c. 1520–c.1576): Buchner, August; Gesner, Johann Matthias; Scheller, Immanuel Faber, Johannes German doctor, botanist, apothecary (1574–1629): Rubens, Peter Paul Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus’ Lefèvre d’Étaples, Jacques Fabretti,* Raffaele (Iasiteo Nafilio/Jasitheus) Italian historian, antiquarian, archaeologist (1620–1700): Gronovius, Jacobus Fabri de Peiresc,* Nicolas-Claude (Peirescius) French scholar, collector, antiquarian (1580–1637): Dal Pozzo, Cassiano; Heinsius, Daniel; Kircher, Athanas…

Index Letter G

(1,799 words)

Gadamer, Hans-Georg German philosopher (1900–2002): Gruben, Gottfried; Liegle, Josef Theodor Gaffarel, Jacques French Orientalist (1601–1681): Fabricius, Johann Albert Gaguin, Robert French Humanist (c. 1433–1501): Erasmus of Rotterdam; Petrarch Gaiser,* Konrad German classical philologist (1929–1988): Schadewaldt, Wolfgang Gaisford,* Thomas British classical philologist, theologian (1779–1855) Gaisford, Thomas Galatino, Pietro Italian philosopher, theologian (1460–1540): Reuchlin, Johannes Gale, Thomas English ancient philologist (1635–1702): Vossius,…

Index Letter H

(1,723 words)

Hackert, Philipp German painter (1737–1807): Payne Knight, Richard Hadas,* Moses American classical philologist (1900–1966) 262 Hadot, Pierre French ancient historian, philosopher (1922–2010): Foucault, Michel Haeckel, Ernst German doctor, philosopher (1834–1919): Loofs, Friedrich Haffter, Heinz Swiss classical philologist (1905–1999): Fraenkel, Eduard Hahland, Walter Austrian classical archaeologist (1901–1966): Langlotz, Ernst Hahn, István Hungarian ancient historian (1913–1984): Alföldy, Géza Halbherr,* Federico Italian epigraphist, classical archae…

Index Letter I

(106 words)

Iasiteo Nafilio/Jasitheus’ Fabretti, Raffaele Ibscher, Hugo German papyrologist (1874–1937): Schubart, Wilhelm Ibscher, Rolf German classical philologist (1906–1967): Pfeiffer, Rudolf Ijsewijn,* Jozef Belgian classical philologist (1932–1998) Ijsewijn, Jozef Imhoof-Blumer,* Friedrich Swiss numismatist, coin collector (1838–1920) Imhoof-Blumer, Friedrich Immisch, Otto German classical philologist (1862–1936): Fritz, Kurt von Instinsky, Hans Ulrich German ancient historian (1907–1973): Chantraine, Heinrich; Liegle, Josef Theodor Iorga, Nicolae Romanian hi…

Index Letter J

(403 words)

Jachmann, Günther German classical philologist (1887–1979): Leo, Friedrich Jachmann, Reinhold Bernhard German pedagogue (1767–1843): Passow, Franz Jackson, Cyril British theologian (1746–1819): Gaisford, Thomas Jackson, William British bishop, philologist (1751–1815): Gaisford, Thomas Jacobs, Friedrich German philologist (1764–1847): Wieland, Christoph Martin Jacobsen, Carl Danish collector, museum founder, brewer (1842–1914): Poulsen, Frederik Jacobsen,* Thorkild Danish archaeologist, Assyriologist (1904–1993): Gelb, Ignace Jay; Goetze, Albrecht; …

Index Letter K

(926 words)

Kaegi, Adolf Swiss linguist (1849–1923): Schwyzer, Eduard Kähler,* Heinz German classical archaeologist (1905–1974) 320 Kahrstedt,* Ulrich German ancient historian (1888–1962): Laum, Bernhard; Meyer, Ernst Kaibel, Georg German classical philologist (1849–1901): Leo, Friedrich; Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von Kakridis,* Johannes Greek classical philologist (1901–1992) Kakridis, Ioannis Kakridis, Theophanes Greek Latinist (1864/1869–1929): Kakridis, Ioannis Kalkmann, August German archaeologist (1853–1905): Pfuhl, Ernst Kallistos, Andronikos Byzantine…

Index Letter L

(1,582 words)

L’Hôte, Nestor French draughtsman, archaeologist (1804–1842): Mariette, Auguste La Chausse,* Michel-Ange de la (Causeus, Michael Angelus) French scholar, antiquarian, diplomat (1660–1724) 342 La Motte, Antoine Houdar de French writer (1672–1731): Dacier, Anne and André Lachmann,* Karl German classical philologist, Germanic scholar (1793–1851): Bachofen, Johann Jakob; Bekker, Immanuel; Bernays, Jacob; Boeckh, August; Haupt, Moriz; Hermann, Gottfried; Jahn, Otto; Kirchhoff, Adolf; Lambinus, Dionysius; Lehrs, Karl; Lepsius, Karl Richard; …

Index Letter M

(2,127 words)

Maas,* Paul German classical philologist, Byzantinist (1880–1964): Pasquali, Giorgio; Pfeiffer, Rudolf Maass, Ernst German classical philologist (1856–1929): Lesky, Albin Mabillon,* Jean French historian, Benedictine (1623–1707): Maffei, Francesco Scipione; Montfaucon, Bernard de Machiavelli,* Niccolò Florentine philosopher, politician, writer (1469–1527): Boeckler, Johann Heinrich; Christ, Johann Friedrich Madec, Goulven French patristic scholar, philosopher, historian (1930–2008): Courcelle, Pierre Madvig,* Johan Nicolai Danish classical philologist…

Index Letter N

(515 words)

Nanni, Giovanni’ Annius of Viterbo Nannius, Petrus Dutch philologist, Humanist (1496–1557): Boissard, Jean-Jacques Nansius, Franciscus Belgian jurist, theologian (1525–1595): Vossius, Gerardus Johannes Napolioni, Carlo Antonio Italian sculptor (1675–1742): Cavaceppi, Bartolomeo Natter,* Lorenz German gem cutter, medal maker (1705–1763): Baudelot de Dairval; Gori, Anton Francesco; Lippert, Philipp Daniel Nauck,* August German classical philologist (1822–1892) Nauck, August Naudé, Gabriel French scholar, librarian (1600–1653): Fabri de Peiresc, Nicolas-Cla…

Index Letter O

(411 words)

Odam, Johannes Hieronymus (Girolamo) Lorrainer draughtsman (1681–1741): Stosch, Philipp von Odo, Pietro (Montopolitanus, Odus Petrus) Italian Humanist (c. 1420–1463): Laetus, Julius Pomponius Oellacher, Hans Austrian classical philologist (1889–1949): Arnim, Hans von Oeri, Jacob Swiss ancient historian (1844–1908): Burckhardt, Jacob Oertel/Ortels, Abraham’ Ortelius, Abraham Oertel,* Friedrich German ancient historian (1884–1975): Lauffer, Siegfried; Pöhlmann, Robert von Oeser, Adam Friedrich German painter, sculptor (1717–1799): Winckelmann, Johann Joachim O…

Index Letter P

(1,804 words)

Pace, Biagio Italian archaeologist, politician (1889–1955): Anti, Carlo Pacetti, Vincenzo Italian sculptor, restorer (1746–1820/21): Cavaceppi, Bartolomeo; Visconti, Ennio Quirino Paciaudi,* Paolo Maria Italian theologian, archaeologist, antiquarian (1710–1785): Vettori, Francesco Pacioli, Luca Italian mathematician (c. 1445–1514 or 1517): Alberti, Leon Battista Page,* Denys Lionel British classical philologist (1908–1978): Dodds, Eric Robertson; Murray, Gilbert; Porson, Richard Pais, Ettore Italian ancient historian, epigraphist, politician (1856–1939): …

Index Letter Q

(33 words)

Quasten, Johannes German theologian (1900–1987): Dölger, Franz Joseph Quatremère de Quincy,* Antoine-Chrysostome French architectural theorist, archaeologist, sculptor (1755–1849): Visconti, Ennio Quirino Quinet, Edgar French historian (1803–1875): Creuzer, Georg Friedrich

Index Letter R

(1,553 words)

Rabe, Hugo German classical philologist (1867–1932): Norden, Eduard Rabel, Ernst German jurist (1874–1955): Mitteis, Ludwig; Wolff, Hans Julius Rabelais,* François French poet, physician, philologist (1483/1494–1553): Scaliger, Julius Caesar Racine, Jean French writer, dramatist (1639–1699): Perrault, Charles Rack von Sommerfeld, Johannes’ Aesticampianus, Johannes Rhagius Rader,* Matthaeus German philologist, pedagogue, writer (1561–1634) Rader, Matthaeus Radermacher, Ludwig German classical philologist (1867–1952): Kakridis, Ioannis; Lesky, Albin; Mu…
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