Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Hadas, Moses

(588 words)

Author(s): Schlange-Schöningen, Heinrich
American classical philologist. Born Atlanta Georgia 25. 6. 1900 (family Jewish Russian immigrants), died Aspen Colorado 17. 8. 1966. School at Atlanta; studied classics at Emory Univ. (BA 1922); rabbinical training to 1926 at Jewish Theological Seminary, Columbia Univ., New York. Also continued classical studies at Columbia Univ., where he took MA 1925 and doctorate 1930 (diss. on Sextus Pompeius [2]). Lecturer in ancient languages at Columbia from 1925, at Cincinnati 1928–1930. Worked for Offi…

Halbherr, Federico

(676 words)

Author(s): d’Agata, Anna Lucia
Italian epigraphist and classical archaeologist. Born Rovereto, South Tyrol, Austria (now Trentino, Italy) 15. 2. 1857, died Rome 17. 7. 1930. 1876–1880 studied at the philosophical faculty of the Univ. of Rome, then 1880–1882 at the Istituto di Studi Superiori in Florence. 1885 took Italian citizenship. 1888 lecturer, 1891 prof. ext., from 1904 prof. ord. in Greek epigraphy at the Univ. of Rome. 1899 director of the Italian Archaeological Mission on Crete. From 1910, Italian government officer in charge of archaeological exploration…

Haller von Hallerstein, Carl

(461 words)

Author(s): Bankel, Hansgeorg
German archaeologist and draughtsman. Born Hiltpolstein (Upper Franconia) 10. 6. 1774, died Ampelakia (Thessaly) 5. 11. 1817. 1792–1794 architecture studies at Karlsschule in Stuttgart, 1798–1805 at Berlin Bauakademie. 1806 architectural inspector at Nuremberg; 1808–1817 travels to Rome, Greece and Constantinople. Work and influence H. was born into a leading patrician family of Nuremberg. Finding a position as architectural inspector in his home city unsatisfying, he set out on a tour to Rome in 1808, continuing from there in 1810 to Gr…

Hamdi Bey, Osman

(303 words)

Author(s): Radt, Wolfgang
Turkish art historian and museum founder. Born Constantinople/Istanbul 30. 12. 1842, died there 24. 2. 1910. 1857–1869 studied law and painting in Paris. 1867 and 1873, director of the Turkish Pavilion at the World Exhibitions of Paris and Vienna respectively. 1869–1878 leading positions in the Ottoman Foreign Ministry and the civil service; from 1881 founder of the Turkish museum service. 1887 excavator of the royal tombs of Sidon (now Lebanon). Founder of School of Fine Arts ( Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi) (1883) and Istanbul Museum of Archaeology ( İ̄stanbul Arkeoloji Müzesi) (1892–19…

Hampe, Roland

(450 words)

Author(s): Hölscher, Tonio
German classical archaeologist. Born Heidelberg 2. 12. 1908, died Würzburg 23. 1. 1981. Studied law at first, then classical archaeology at Munich. Doctorate in classical archaeologist 1934, Munich. 1936 assistant at DAI Athens. 1939 habil. at Würzburg. From 1946 prof. ord. at Univ. of Kiel. From 1948 prof. ord. at Univ. of Mainz. 1957–1975 prof. ord. at Univ. of Heidelberg. Work and influence H. was the son of the historian Karl Hampe. He studied with Ernst Buschor and had contact with the Stefan George Circle. Towards both, he subsequently maintained an a…

Hanfmann, George

(606 words)

Author(s): Dyson, Stephen L.
Russian-American archaeologist and art historian. Born Maxim Anossov H., St. Petersburg, 20. 11. 1911, died Watertown, Massachussetts, 13. 3. 1986. Studied at Jena, Munich and Berlin, doctorate in classical archaeology 1934, Berlin. Emigrated to USA in 1934, American citizen 1940. 1935 PhD at Johns Hopkins Univ. (Baltimore) and junior fellow, from 1956 prof. in fine arts at Harvard Univ. 1949–1974 also curator of ancient art at Fogg Art Museum there. 1958–1976 director of the Harvard-Cornell excavations at Sardes. Career and works H. was born in St. Petersburg, from where hi…

Harder, Richard

(641 words)

Author(s): Helmig, Christoph
German classical philologist. Born Tetenbüll (Northern Friesland) 19. 1. 1896, died Zürich 4. 9. 1957. Attended Kiel Gelehrtenschule, Abitur 1914; studied at Heidelberg (theology), Kiel and Berlin (classical philology); doctorate 1924 at Berlin; habil. 1927 at Heidelberg. From 1927 prof. of classical philology at Königsberg; 1930 invited to Kiel; 1941–1944 prof. at Munich and head of the ‘Institute for Indo-Germanic Intellectual History’ ( Institut für Indogermanische Geistesgeschichte). After World War II, initially worked as private scholar (at Possenhofen a…

Hardouin, Jean

(419 words)

Author(s): Leonhardt, Jürgen
French Jesuit, theologian and philologist. Born Quimper, Brittany, 23. 12. 1646, died Paris 3. 9. 1729. Jesuit novitiate from 1660; 1683 librarian at the Society’s Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris, where he also became prof. of classics and rhetoric. ¶ Life and works The philological work of H. that is of the greatest importance in classical studies is his prodigious and comprehensive commentary on all 37 books of Pliny’s Naturalis historia [1]. There had been great interest in this author in the 15th and 16th cents., but such intensive engagement with him was no lo…

Harnack, Adolf von

(493 words)

Author(s): Rebenich, Stefan
German ecclesiastical historian. Born Dorpat (now Tartu, Estonia) 7. 5. 1851, died ¶ Heidelberg 10. 6. 1930. 1869–1872 studied Protestant theology at Dorpat and Leipzig; 1873 doctorate and 1874 habil. Leipzig. 1876 prof. ext. of ecclesiastical history at Leipzig; 1879–1886 prof. ord. in Giessen, 1886–1888 in Marburg and 1888–1924 in Berlin. 1911–1930 president of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft; 1905–1921 director-general of the Königliche Bibliothek (from 1918 Preussische Staatsbibliothek) in Berlin. Inherited noble title 1914. Biography and works The son of Theodosiu…

Harrison, Jane Ellen

(1,000 words)

Author(s): Kanthak, Anna-Maria
British philologist and religious scholar. Born Cottingham (Yorkshire) 9. 9. 1850, died London 15. 4. 1928. 1874–1879 studied classical philology at Newnham College, Cambridge, then classical archaeology at London from 1880. Thereafter study and research, including her own lectures at the British Museum and writing activities in London, as well as travelling. 1898–1922 research fellow and lecturer in classical archaeology at Newnham. Scholarly background After her mother’s death in childbirth, H. grew up with her father and, from 1855, a fiercely religious s…

Hasebroek, Johannes

(654 words)

Author(s): Schlumpf, Danny
German ancient historian. Born Hamburg 14. 4. 1893, died Lübeck 17. 2. 1957. Attended Johanneum in Hamburg; studied archaeology and classical philology at Heidelberg; doctorate there 1916. 1921 habil. in Hamburg. 1925 prof. ext. in ancient history at Zürich, succeeding Eugen Täubler. From 1927, prof. ord. of ancient history (new foundation) at Cologne. Early retirement 1938. ¶ Work and influence As a student, H. was helped especially by Alfred von Domaszewski, under whose tutelage he learned epigraphy and studied the ancient historians by means of source…

Haupt, Moriz

(481 words)

Author(s): Mundt, Felix
German classical philologist. Born Zittau, as Rudolph Friedrich Moriz H., 27. 7. 1808, died Berlin 5. 2. 1874. 1826–1830 studied classical philology at Leipzig, 1831 doctorate, 1837 habil., 1841 prof. ext., 1843–1851 prof. ord. in German philology, Leipzig. From 1853 prof. of German and classical philology at Berlin. 1846 full member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences, 1853 of the Prussian. Career and works H. already displayed an enthusiasm for early German literature at school, but then went on to study classical philology with Gottfried Hermann, who became …

Head, Barclay Vincent

(387 words)

Author(s): Schubert, Helmut
British numismatist. Born Ipswich 2. 1. 1844, died London 12. 6. 1914. 1864 joined British Museum Department of Coins and Medals as a volunteer. 1893–1906 Keeper of the Coins there. Corresponding member of the French and Prussian Academies of Sciences. Honorary doctorates from Univs. of Heidelberg, Durham and Oxford. ¶ Work and influence On joining the Department of Coins and Medals, H. at first worked with Anglo-Saxon coins, but soon turned to Greek. In 1870, Reginald S. Poole recruited him for the planned Catalogue of Greek Coins in the British Museum. The first of the 29 vols. ( Italy) of…

Heiberg, Johan Ludvig

(461 words)

Author(s): Wenzel, Antonia
Danish classical philologist and historian of mathematics. Born Aalborg 27. 11. 1854, died 4. 1. 1928. Studied classical philology at Copenhagen from 1871, doctorate there 1879. From 1883, member of the Danish Academy of Sciences, 1902–1913 its secretary. 1884–1895 headmaster of the Borgerdydskole in Østerbro; 1896–1924 ¶ prof. of classical philology and ancient history at Copenhagen, univ. rector 1915/16. Work and influence H., son of the physicist Laege H., owed his acquaintance with the work of Søren Kierkegaard to his mother; he published Kierkegaard’s…

Heichelheim, Fritz Moritz

(402 words)

Author(s): Ehling, Kay
German-Canadian ancient historian, papyrologist and numismatist. Born Giessen 6. 5. 1901, died Toronto 22. 4. 1968. 1919 studied classical philology, history and Arabic studies at Giessen. Staatsexamen (teaching certificate) 1923; doctorate 1925; habil. 1929; priv.-doz. at Giessen. Dismissed May 1933, emigrated to Britain. 1942 assistant lecturer and lecturer at Univ. of Nottingham. 1948 lecturer, 1953 assistant prof., 1960 associate prof. at Univ. of Toronto; from 1962 full prof. of Greek and Roman History there. Work and influence In his diss., supervised by Richard La…

Heinsius, Daniel

(1,337 words)

Author(s): Papy, Jan
Heyns/Heins, Daniel; Dutch classical philologist and poet. Born Ghent 9. 6. 1580, died Leiden 25. 2. 1655; father of Nicolaus H. Studied law at Franeker from 1596, from 1598 at Leiden; from 1603 prof. ext. in poetry at Leiden, from 1605 prof. of Greek and from 1613 prof. of history there. Also director of the Univ. Library from 1607. Official historian of the States-General from 1627. Career and works For reasons of conscience, his father sent H. to Zeeland, before moving with his whole family out of the Spanish Netherlands, initially to England, then to the nort…

Heinsius, Nicolaus

(1,521 words)

Author(s): Papy, Jan
Classical philologist and Neo-Latin poet; forename also Nicola(a)s, Nicolaes, Nikola(e)s. Born Leiden 29. 7. 1620, died The Hague 7. 10. 1681; son of Daniel H. School at his father’s house. From 1642 travelling as private scholar for purposes of study. At Stockholm at the invitation of Queen Christina of Sweden from 1650; further travels on behalf of her. After Christina’s abdication, town clerk of Amsterdam from 1656; resigned the post when sentenced to fulfil his promise of marriage to the mot…

Heinze, Richard

(799 words)

Author(s): Berner, Hans-Ulrich | Schmitz, Dietmar
German classical philologist. Born Naumburg 11. 8. 1867, died Bad Wiessee am Tegernsee 22. 8. 1929. Attended Nikolai-Schule in Leipzig; 1885–1887 studied classical philology at Leipzig, then at Bonn; doctorate 1889, Staatsexamen teaching certificate 1890, also Bonn. Studied at Berlin; 1893 habil. in Strasbourg, then lecturer there. From 1900, prof. ext. in classical philology at Berlin; from 1903 prof. ord. at Königsberg; from 1906 prof. ord. at Leipzig until his death. Work and influence H. studied classical philology from 1885 to 1887 at Leipzig with Otto Ribbeck, t…

Helbig, Wolfgang

(799 words)

Author(s): Weber-Lehmann, Cornelia
German archaeologist. Born Dresden 2. 2. 1839, died Rome 6. 10. 1915. 1856–1861 studied at Göttingen and Bonn; doctorate Bonn 1861. 1862–1864 travel scholarship; 1865–1887 second secretary of Istituto di Corrispondenza Archeologica at Rome. 1866, married Princess Nadezhda Shakhovskaya. Resigned from the institute 1887; 1887–1899 Ispettore Onorario agli scavi di Tarquinia. Career, works and influence H., son of the deputy rector of the Kreuzgymnasium at Dresden, from 1856 studied classical philology, archaeology and ancient history at Göttingen, then form 18…

Helck, Wolfgang

(803 words)

Author(s): Altenmüller, Hartwig
German Egyptologist. Born Hans Wolfgang H., Dresden 16. 9. 1914, died Hamburg 27. 8. 1993. Studied Egyptology and ancient Near Eastern studies at Leipzig with Georg Steindorff 1933, 1934–1939 in Göttingen with Hermann Kees; doctorate Göttingen 1939. Thereafter, war service; American prisoner-of-war from 1943. Returned to Göttingen 1947. 1951 habil. at Göttingen with a thesis on the Egyptian king-lists in the Greek history of Manethon [4]; 1955 habil. moved to Hamburg, where he became prof. sup. …
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