Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Gaiser, Konrad

(536 words)

Author(s): Schmidt, Ernst August
German classical philologist. Born Gerstetten (Heidenheim an der Brenz) 26. 11. 1929, died Tübingen 3. 5. 1988. 1949–1955 studied classical philology, history and philosophy at Univ. of Tübingen (with one semester at Basel); 1955 doctorate at Tübingen; 1960 habil. here. From 1968 to his death, prof. ord. in classical philology at Tübingen. From 1974, member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and chairman of its Goethe Dictionary committee. Career, works and influence G., the son of a Volksschule teacher and descended on both sides from clergy and missionaries, took his Landexamen

Gaisford, Thomas

(817 words)

Author(s): Stephan, U. C. A.
British classical philologist and theologian. Born Iford Manor, Wiltshire, 22. 12. 1779, died Oxford 2. 6. 1855. Attended Hyde Abbey School, Winchester; from 1797 studies at Christ Church College, Oxford. Graduated 1804; 1831 doctorate in theology, Oxford. From 1812, Regius Prof. of Greek at Oxford; from 1831 dean of Christ Church College. Career G. came from a wealthy family, and he studied at Christ Church College, Oxford, from 1797 to 1804, his teachers including Cyril Jackson. He then became a tutor there, and from 1809 also an examiner, but h…

García y Bellido, Antonio

(507 words)

Author(s): Díaz-Andreu, Margarita
Spanish classical archaeologist. Born Villaneuva de los Infantes 10. 2. 1903, died Madrid 26. 9. 1972. Prof. of classical archaeology at Madrid 1931–1972; 1951–1972 director of the Instituto de Arqueología Rodrigo Caro at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). 1945 member of the Real Academia de la Historia; 1946 full member of the Hispanic Society of America in New York. Career, works and influence After his appointment to the Madrid professorship (1931), G. B. completed his training through several study trips to Germany, working especi…

Gardiner, Alan H.

(791 words)

Author(s): Schenkel, Wolfgang
British Egyptologist. Born Alan Henderson G. in Eltham (London), 29. 3. 1879, died Iffley (Oxford) 19. 12. 1963. School in London; 1895/96 study trip to Paris; 1897–1901 studied classical philology, Hebrew and Arabic at Oxford. 1902–1911 period as private researcher in Berlin; from 1912 private scholar in London, from 1946 in Oxford. Knighted 1948 (Knight Bachelor: Sir Alan Henderson, Kt.). Career G. was the son of a wealthy textile magnate. His career was shaped by his father’s determination to see him well-educated and to lead a life of self-assurance, …

Gardner, Percy

(477 words)

Author(s): Graepler, Daniel
British classical archaeologist. Born Hackney (London) 24. 11. 1846, died Oxford 17. 7. 1937. School in London. 1862 joined his father’s stockbrokerage business. 1865–1869 studied classics and moral science at Christ’s College, Cambridge. Following a European tour, fellow at Cambridge and 1880–1887 Disney Prof. of Archaeology at Cambridge, while also (1871–1887) Assistant Keeper at the Department of Coins and Medals of the British Museum. 1887–1925 Lincoln Prof. of Classical Archaeology at Oxford. Work and influence Although he lacked the requisite specialist training,…

Gardthausen, Victor

(396 words)

Author(s): Wendt, Christian
German ancient historian and palaeographer. Born Copenhagen 26. 8. 1843, died Leipzig 27. 12. 1925. School at Altona (Hamburg); studied at Kiel and Bonn. Doctorate Kiel 1868; habil. Leipzig 1873. First worked as librarian and priv.-doz. at Leipzig; 1877 prof. ext. of ancient history and epigraphy, 1891 director of the Seminar of Ancient History, all Leipzig. 1907 resigned from librarian post; 1920 honorary prof. of ancient history at Leipzig. Work and influence G. studied classics from 1865 to 1868 at Kiel, and with Arnold Schaefer and Heinrich Nissen et al. at Bonn…

Gazes, Theodore

(412 words)

Author(s): Kuhlmann, Peter
Theodoros Gazes, Theodore of Gaza; Byzantine Humanist. Born Thessaloniki c. 1410, died San Giovanni a Piro (Campania) c. 1475. Studied at Constantinople 1422/23. 1440 moved to Italy; 1442 copyist at Milan; 1443 Greek teacher at Mantua; 1446 prof. of Greek at Univ. of Ferrara, 1448/49 rector. 1450 working as prof. and translator at Rome. 1455 at court of Alfonso I of Naples. Back at Rome from 1467; 1474 retirement to monastery of San Giovanni a Piro. Work and influence G. arrived young at Constantinople and began a clerical career there. He converted to Catholicism in Italy…

Gelb, Ignace Jay (Jerzy)

(499 words)

Author(s): Foster, Benjamin Read
Polish-American Orientalist and Assyriologist. Born Jerzy G. in Tarnau (Austrian Galicia, now Tarnów, Poland) 14. 10. 1907, died Chicago 22. 12. 1985. 1925–1929 studied classics, Semitic studies, linguistics and Assyriology at Rome with Giorgio Levi della Vida and Karl Beloch; doctorate there 1929. From 1932, research assistant at Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago; from 1937 assistant prof., from 1943 prof., from 1965 Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Prof., Chicago. Retired 1980. Work and influence G., the son of an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army, left hi…

Gelzer, Matthias

(437 words)

Author(s): Baltrusch, Ernst
Swiss-German classical philologist and ancient historian. Born Liestal (canton of Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland) 19. 12. 1886, died ¶ Frankfurt 23. 7. 1974. Attended Humanistisches Gymnasium in Basel 1905–1907, then studied classical philology at Basel with Friedrich Münzer, and from 1907–1909 in Leipzig. 1910 doctorate Leipzig, with Ulrich Wilcken; 1912 habil. at Freiburg. 1915–1918 prof. of ancient history at Greifswald, 1918/19 at Strasbourg, 1919–1955 at Frankfurt a. M.; 1924/25 rector of Frankfurt Univ.; retired 1955. Work and influence G., whose great-grandfather,…

Georges, Karl Ernst

(370 words)

Author(s): Schelske, Oliver
German classical philologist and lexicographer. Born Gotha 26. 12. 1806, died there 25. 8. 1895. Attended Gymnasium at Gotha and Nordhausen; 1826–1828 studied classical philology at Göttingen, then Leipzig. Doctorate for his German-Latin dictionary 1835 at Jena. 1839–1856 Oberlehrer at Realgymnasium in Gotha; 1863 title of prof. Work and influence While still a schoolboy, G. was encouraged in his talent for lexical work by his teachers (who included Valentin Rost and Friedrich Karl Kraft), and in 1828 he became assistant to Georg Heinrich Lünem…

Gerhard, Eduard

(1,142 words)

Author(s): Rössler, Detlef
German classical archaeologist. Born Posen (now Poznań, Poland) 29. 11. 1795, died Berlin 12. 5. 1867. 1812–1815 studied philology at Breslau and Berlin; doctorate Berlin 1815 (the first at the univ., founded in 1810). 1816 habil. at Breslau. 1816/17 Gymnasium teacher at Posen; 1817–1820 travels in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. 1822–1826 at Rome; return to Germany 1826. 1828–1832 again at Rome; founded Instituto di Corrispondenza Archeologica there in 1829. Permanent residence in Berlin from 1832; 1832 corresponding member (full member from 1835) of …

Gerkan, Armin von

(890 words)

Author(s): Fröhlich, Thomas
Baltic German classical archaeologist and architectural historian. Born Subbath (now Subate, Latvia) 30. 11. 1884, died 22. 12. 1969 in Hamburg. School in Riga; 1901–1907 studies for diploma in architecture at Riga and Dresden; 1920/21 studied archiecture at Technische Hochschule Berlin, doctorate of engineering there 1921. 1921/22 studied classical archaeology at Univ. of Greifswald, doctorate (Dr. phil.) there 1922; 1923 habil. in architecture at Technische Hochschule Aachen. 1924 second secretary, then 1938–1945 first secretary of the Roman department of t…

Gernet, Louis-Jules

(585 words)

Author(s): Fornaro, Sotera
French Hellenist and anthropologist. Born Paris 28. 11. 1882, died there 29. 1. 1962. 1902–1906 studied classical philology and law at the École normale supérieure; 1907–1910 studied at the Fondation Thiers. 1910–1920 lecturer at military school at La Flèche; 1921–1948 prof. ord. in classical philology at Algiers. 1949–1954 lecturer in legal sociology at the École pratique des hautes études in Paris; 1950–1952 president of the Institut français de sociologie, and 1949–1961 director of the Année sociologique. Work and influence Influenced by the historical school of Numa Fu…

Gesner, Johann Matthias

(2,317 words)

Author(s): Nuss, Marcel
German philologist and pedagogue. Born Roth (Nuremberg) 9. 4. 1691, died Göttingen 3. ¶ 8. 1761. Studied at Jena from 1710. 1715–1729 deputy rector of the Gymnasium at Weimar, also administrator of the ducal library and coin collection; 1729/30 rector of the Gymnasium at Ansbach. 1730–1734 rector of the Leipzig Thomasschule. From 1734, prof. of poetry and eloquence at Göttingen, and librarian of the Univ. Library. Career G. was born into a Franconian family of the clergy and civil service. After attending the Ansbach Gymasium, he began his studies at the Univ. of Jena in 1710, …