Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 6 : History of classical Scholarship - A Biographical Dictionary

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Edited by: Peter Kuhlmann (Göttingen) and Helmuth Schneider (Kassel)

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the history of classical studies. Alphabetically arranged, it provides biographies of over 700 scholars from the fourteenth century onwards who have made their mark on the study of Antiquity. These include the lives, careers and works of classical philologists, archaeologists, ancient historians, students of epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East, philosophers, anthropologists, social scientists, art historians, collectors and writers. The biographies put the scholars in their social, political and cultural contexts while focusing on their scholarly achievements and their contributions to modern classical scholarship.

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Fabretti, Raffaele

(582 words)

Author(s): Ristow, Sebastian
R. Fabretti Urbinate, called Iasiteo Nafilio (Jasitheus). Born Urbino 3. 7. 1620, died Rome 7. 1. 1700. Italian historian, antiquarian and archaeologist. Studied law. Doctorate 10. 5. 1639 at Cagli (Negroni in [11. 27–34, here 29]); thereafter working at Rome as a lawyer (Pietrobono in [12. 115–149, here 121–128]). 1665 acquired a house at Urbino, where he later had his collection of antiquities. Papal counsellor; treasurer of the Spanish Nunciature [9] (cf. Pietrobono in [12. 115–149, here 124 …

Fabricius, Ernst

(495 words)

Author(s): Seitz, Gabriele
German archaeologist and historian. Born Darmstadt 6. 9. 1857, died Freiburg im Breisgau 22. 3. 1942. Doctorate, Strasbourg, 1881. 1882–1885 DAI travel scholarship. 1886 assistant at the Königliches Antikenmuseum, Berlin; 1886 habil. at Univ. of Berlin. 1888 prof. ext. in Freiburg im Breisgau, 1894 prof. ord. there. From 1897, director of the executive committee of the Reichslimeskommission, from 1902 its chairman. 1911/12 prorector of Freiburg Univ. (the rector, a ceremonial position, was the Grand Duke of Baden); 1913–1918 member of the first chamb…

Fabricius, Johann Albert

(765 words)

Author(s): Häfner, Ralph
German philologist, bibliographer and theologian. Born Leipzig 11. 11. 1668, died Hamburg 30. 4. 1736. Studied at Leipzig from 1686; 1688 MA, then 1699 doctorate in theology at Univ. of Kiel. From 1699, prof. at Akademisches Gymnasium in Hamburg; 1708–1711 rector of Johanneum, also Hamburg. Career, work and influence F.’ father, Werner F., worked at Leipzig as a musical director, organist and musicologist. F.’ schooling at the Gymnasium of Quedlinburg (1684–1686), where his teachers included Wenzeslaus Buhl and Johann Gottfried Herrichen, was followed from autu…

Fabri de Peiresc, Nicolas-Claude

(536 words)

Author(s): Miller, Peter N.
Peirescius; French scholar, collector and antiquarian. Born Belgentier 1580, died Aix-en-Provence (?) 1637. Jesuit education at Avignon. 1599/1600 travelled to Italy. Later returned to ¶ France and studied law at Montpellier. 1604 graduation at Aix. 1606/7 travels to Netherlands and England. 1607 member of the Parlement de Provence, at various times travelling to Paris as conseiller to its president Guillaume du Vair. Permanent return to Provence 1623. Work and influence F. d. P. came from a family of magistrates with a seat in the Parlement de Provence. During his relatively sho…

Falkenstein, Adam

(514 words)

Author(s): Sallaberger, Walther
German Ancient Near Eastern scholar. Born Planegg (near Munich) 17. 9. 1906, died Heidelberg 15. 10. 1966. 1925–1928 studied Semitic studies and Assyriology at Munich, then from 1928 at Leipzig; doctorate there 1929. 1933 habil. and priv.-doz. of Semitic and cuneiform studies at Munich. Joined NSDAP 1940. From 1940, prof. of Assyriology and Arabic studies at Göttingen. War service 1941. From 1943 at German Embassy in Ankara. 1945/46 internment as staff member of German Embassy in Ankara and mili…

Fea, Carlo

(875 words)

Author(s): Faedo, Lucia
Italian archaeologist. Born Pigna (near Oneglia, Liguria) 4. 6. 1753, died Rome 27. 3. 1836. Educated at Nice, then studied at Univ. La Sapienza in Rome, 1776 doctorate as doctor iuris. Holy orders 1781. 1783 assistant to Ennio Quirino Visconti in the Bibliotecá Chigiana at Rome. 1801–1836 commissar for antiquities (Rome); 1801–1809 president, then from 1809 honorary president of the Capitoline Museum, Rome. From 1801 prefect of the Bibliotecá Chigiana. From 1829, member of the Roman Instituto di Corrispondenza Archeologica. Career, works and influence After his doctorate, F. s…

Ferguson, Adam

(535 words)

Author(s): Kuhn-Chen, Barbara
Scottish historian and philosopher. Born Logierait, Atholl (Perthshire) 20. 6. 1723, died St. Andrews 22. 2. 1816. School at Logierait and Perth. Studied theology at St. Andrews and Edinburgh; 1742 Master of Arts at St. Andrews. 1745 granted a licence to serve as minister of the Church of Scotland; 1745–1754 army chaplain; 1757/58 librarian of the Advocates’ Library in Edinburgh. 1759 prof. of natural philosophy there; 1764 prof. of pneumatics and moral philosophy. 1766 honorary doctorate in law, Edinburgh. 1793 honorary member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Work and influence F…

Ferrero, Guglielmo

(542 words)

Author(s): Marcone, Arnaldo
Italian-Swiss writer and historian. Born Portici 21. 7. 1871, died Mont-Pélerin (Vaud) 3. 8. 1942. Studied law at Turin, then humanities at Bologna. 1897–1923 worked for the radical republican journal Il secolo in Milan. 1906 lecture series at Collège de France; 1908 travelled to the United States at the invitation of President Roosevelt. Emigrated to Switzerland under Fascist oppression 1929. 1930–1942 prof. of contemporary history at the Univ. of Geneva. Career, works and influence F.’s publications and scholarship won him considerable influence in Italy and great r…

Festugière, André-Jean

(817 words)

Author(s): Guichard, Laurent
French religious scholar and philologist. Born Paris 15. 3. 1898, died there 13. 8. 1982. From 1918, studied at the École normale supérieure in Paris; 1920 agrégé des lettres. 1921/22 Member of the Écoles françaises de Rome and d’Athènes. Holy orders 1930. 1936 doctorate at the Sorbonne, Paris. 1942–1968 directeur d’études at the Paris École pratique des hautes études, section des sciences religieuses, Paris. 1958 elected to the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres. Scholarly career The second son of nine children, F. attended the Lycée Condorcet and Lycée Louis-le-Grand at …