Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 5 : The Reception of Classical Literature

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Subject: Classical Studies

Edited by: Christine Walde
In collaboration with: Brigitte Egger

The Reception of Classical Literature , a Supplement to Brill’s New Pauly gives an overview of the reception and influence of ancient literary works on the literature, art and music from Antiquity to the present.

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Tacitus (Publius/Gaius Cornelius Tacitus)

(14,188 words)

Author(s): Günther, Sven | Battistella, Florian | Walther, Claudine | Krovoza, Alfred
A. Life and work Publius – or Gaius – Cornelius Tacitus ( c. AD 55–120) is regarded as the last exponent of so-called ‘senatorial’ Latin historiography, working as the Roman state evolved towards a monarchy in the 1st and early 2nd cents. AD. He completed a thoroughly successful senatorial career ( cursus honorum) under the Flavian emperors, and esp. after the death of Domitian under the first of the so-called adoptive emperors ( consul suffectus in AD 97, proconsul Asiae in AD 112/13). However, the tone of his works, which he wrote from c. AD 98, is generally critical of the Principate…