Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 4 : The Reception of Myth and Mythology

Get access Subject: Classical Studies
Edited by: Maria Moog-Grünewald
The Reception of Myth and Mythology highlights the routes and works through which the myths of Greece and Rome have passed into the cultural memory of Europe over the centuries, into its literature, music and art and its reflections on aesthetics and philosophy.

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Author(s): Schneider, Steffen
(Λήδα [ Lḗda]; Latin Leda) A. Myth L. is the daughter of Thestius, king of Aetolia, and Eurythemis (Apollod. 1,7,10). Thestius marries her to Tyndareos, who fled to Aetolia after being driven from Sparta by Hippocoön. After the latter’s murder by Heracles, the couple returns to Sparta (Apollod. 3,10,5). L. has Timandra, Philonoë, Clytaemnestra (Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra) and Castor (Castor and Polydeuces) by Tyndareos, and Polydeuces and Helen by Zeus (Apollod 3,10,6–7; Hyg. Fab. 77). Castor is also…