Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 4 : The Reception of Myth and Mythology

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Edited by: Maria Moog-Grünewald
The Reception of Myth and Mythology highlights the routes and works through which the myths of Greece and Rome have passed into the cultural memory of Europe over the centuries, into its literature, music and art and its reflections on aesthetics and philosophy.

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Jason and the Argonauts

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Author(s): Malatrait, Solveig Kristina
(Ἰάσων, Latin Jason; Αργοναύται, Latin Argonautae) A. Myth J., son of Aeson (grandson of Aeolus) and Alcimede (or Polymede), is the leader of the Argonauts (= A.) on the quest for the Golden Fleece. The (false) etymology of his name as ‘Healer’ deriving from ἰάοµαι ( iaomai, ‘to heal’) was already current in antiquity. J. is already mentioned in Homer (Hom. Il. 7,467–9; Hom. Od. 11,256 and 12,69ff.) and Hesiod (Hes. Theog. 992–1002), but the most influential versions of the myth are those of Pindar (Pind. Pyth. 4), Apollonius of Rhodes, Ovi…