Brill’s New Pauly Supplements I - Volume 3 : Historical Atlas of the Ancient World

Get access Subject: Classical Studies
Edited by: Anne Wittke, Eckhart Olshausen and Richard Szydlak
This new atlas of the ancient world illustrates the political, economic, social and cultural developments in the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean world, the Byzantine Empire, the Islamic world and the Holy Roman Empire from the 3rd millennium BC until the 15th century AD.

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Germanic migrations and invasions of the Roman Empire

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Author(s): Olshausen, E.
Peoples have migrated for all kinds of reasons and at all periods of history. Problems occur when they encounter each other during their migrations, and especially when migrating people come into contact with sedentary populations. At first, the various assaults on the Roman frontier lands were exclusively campaigns of pillage. Later, however, tribes close to the frontier increasingly began to covet settlement land on Roman soil, hoping to integrate into the imperium. Roman history through Late Antiquity provides numerous examples. Not least in reaction to the grea…