Brill’s New Jacoby, Second Edition

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General Editor: Ian Worthington

Brill’s New Jacoby, Second Edition (BNJ2)
is a revised and enlarged edition of Brill’s New Jacoby (BNJ). New additions include an apparatus criticus and a discussion of the provenance of each fragment where relevant, as well as revised commentaries on the ancient historians in BNJ and updated bibliographies, all of which set BNJ2 significantly apart from the previous edition.

Like Brill’s New Jacoby, this revised edition has texts and historians not included in Jacoby’s Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker I-III. It provides English translations to all testimonia and fragments, critical commentaries, and a brief encyclopedia-style entry about the historian’s life and works, with a select bibliography.

Brill's New Jacoby, Second Edition
is a work-in-progress with publication of the last historian scheduled for 2026. A list of the available historians in alphabetical order can be viewed in the contents tab below.


Kaimaron (720)

(1,242 words)

Author(s): D’Hautcourt, Alexis
This entry was prepared by Alexis D'Hautcourt and published on 1 October 2017. About this Historian Historian: Kaimaron Jacoby number: 720 Attested works: Historian's date: uncertain Historical focus: III. History of Cities and Peoples ( Horography and Ethnography) | C. Authors on Single Countries | XI. India Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 720 F 1 Source: Plutarch, On the names of rivers and mountains 4.3 Work mentioned: Source date: 1st-3rd century AD Source language: Greek Source genre: Geography, Ancient - Library of Congress - Library of Congress Fragment subject: Mythology, …

Kaukalos of Chios (38)

(978 words)

Author(s): Horster, Marietta
This entry was prepared by Marietta Horster and published on 1 October 2016. About this Historian Historian: Kaukalos of Chios Jacoby number: 38 Attested works: Historical focus: I. Mythological History (Genealogy and Mythography) | C. Monographs, Novels, Pseudographic Literature Place of origin: Chios   BNJ 38 F 1 Source: Athenaios, Deipnosophists 10.412b Work mentioned: Source language: Greek Textual base: Jacoby’s text is identical with Charles Burton Gulick, Athenaeus. The Deipnosophists (Cambridge, MA 1927) - Go to online edition; Jacoby Source genre: Food - …